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  1. What in the world was he thinking? This doesnt make any sense to sign up for this beat down.
  2. Maybe he didn’t dump all of their junk on the board? Daddy ball at its finest! I run the league. Everyone else eat it!
  3. It’s called “we didn’t get what we wanted, and we’re taking our toys and going home!” Also the same people to throw out “millennial”!
  4. Troup vs Daingerfield 2nd or 3rd round, at Jack Murphy, Home team determined by a 9 hole skins match Eastman vs DA in Troup! DA provides the cigars and Eastman has to mow DA's yard!
  5. Daingerfid should land a helicopter on the C in Carthage, walk I to the building, escort Smitty out, and the rest is history.
  6. JT has that new Campus coming! 3D Tour must have been LIT!
  7. Got to wear those Jersies sophomore year! Was on the sideline as young kid for the '86 and '87 game!
  8. Or just post "Kerry Strong" should get this one! Then everyone laughs and feels warm and fuzzy.
  9. No. It's people don't like what they hear is the deciding factor.
  10. What's worse? Sharing and getting stoned.
  11. Call the cops! 200 k just got stolen! Good luck to Troup, and hopefully this keeps the Cigar Bull-y out to pasture!
  12. I think Marshall can win the District, Have a legitimate shot at the Region, and who knows. I have zero problems with Marshall, nor did I ever say anything about them except getting rid of Harper was a head scratcher, but to each his own. Weren’t you the one that said Mathas wasn’t even interested in De Soto, he won’t leave, he told us this, he has told us that?
  13. And he didn’t want to sign with Marshall. He had to. And anyone saying Harper wasn’t getting it done, or the kids were tuffer with Mathis, or any of that mess also thought Mathas was a Maverick.
  14. The only mistake Marshall made was letting the new Sup jack with Harper.That domino caused the rest to fall. He had the program climbing back to where it should be. New Sup wanted a New AD/ HFB and chose not only a Metroplex guy, but a coach on the way out at SMU, in contact with board members at De Soto, which delayed the announcement for his hire at Marshall, and once the townspeople and athletes spoke for Peterman, Mathis magically decided to sign the dotted line. Marshall will be fine, but when the time comes can this Sup get it right? I know I know Marshallites and other DOUBTERS, "you don't know, you don't know", but guess what, THAT JUST HAPPENED. Best of luck to all involved! Hope Marshall and De Soto rolls!
  15. “SMU called”.... just like “he ain’t leaving”
  16. Kitna “out”.... Peterman to Hachie.... Clause to De Soto.
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