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  1. #13 To say y’all didn’t see him and a Sabine player tied up every play is BC. To throw punches at anytime is wrong. To me this could have been prevented if a coach would have caught this earlier and calmed him down. Talked to him and explain it’s not worth doing anything to get in any trouble , we are on a bigger mission and your actions could hurt the team.
  2. I’m going to run on with our 1 win and celebrate with our out right District Championship after this win tonight and not worry about the past when Tatum use to beat us. Key words use to
  3. Yeah that #13 for 8th grade pretty fast but has no help. That’s a nasty group Towns hate for Jefferson to be good don’t agree with none of but for.a kid to throw a punch heck grown men do (NFL) he’s a punk and headed to the PEN I’ll say. That’s why I say just line up and play not trash talking or down talking no one child
  4. MN Where y’all keep getting this Jefferson folks thinking bout Jerry world from screen shot a post or something to show your evidence of this
  5. Out for the season better than a lot thought but hey we just line up and play…
  6. Jefferson play much better the second half when they have time to adjust so this delay might not be in eagle favor
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