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  1. Only took y’all 2 and half a quarters to figure it out against a 2-7 team that down this year
  2. I’ll be in the car for the start of it will anyone have it on the radio?
  3. I was just referencing game time decisions and getting out coached. I'm not saying i could do any better. One example i can think of is when dfield played pewitt in playoffs few years ago dfield should have won that game but got out coached. Talent has always been there just comes down to coaching. I just think dfield would have couple more rings if so.
  4. will anyone be posting updates on this game? Football app is to unreliable.
  5. I dont think dfield will have any problem stopping the run. Only game i watched where someone had their way with them was timpson, i didnt watch the center game. Timpson had a stud of rb and they would probably beat most teams in 3a d2. I have tiger by few touchdowns.
  6. Pulling for NB. They will put up better fight than HS did.
  7. When will dfield say enough is enough though and quit settling for these 3 or 4 round playoff runs when they know they should be playing for that title.
  8. I've been saying this for a while. Daingerfield has had state championship talent for the last few years. Talent can get you really far but coaching can and will be deciding factor late in playoffs.
  9. I wanted to go to this game but have to work tonight. This is going to be great game and I think this could be dfield year! Knock on wood don’t wanna jinx it lol
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