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  1. Yeah, he’s something else, hopefully he stays healthy cause he has a bright future ahead of him with the attention he’s gotten thus far. And PG was the real deal Holyfield that night for sure! lol
  2. Could be indeed. The offense should be amazing with some high caliber D1 recruits/commits at a couple of key positions. The defense was fairly good last year also but is gonna need to be even more fine tuned for D1 this year. And another year of staying clear of the injury bug makes a world of difference.
  3. Trust me. We’re well aware of Carthage’s capabilities, don’t know anybody that’s not aware of Carthage. But I think Melissa with the group they have coming back for the next two years should transition just fine to div. 1.
  4. I’ll give Melissa credit somewhere around the 8-10 spot, but not at #3. I don’t even have Melissa winning their district, I’ve got them finishing runner up behind Argyle in district play. And if I looked at it right, it may be difficult to make it out of 3rd round with the likes of La Vega, China Springs, and Stephenville. But a lot of time between now and then.
  5. Likely to be a heck of a battle for district between Argyle, Melissa, and Celina. And I wouldn’t be surprised to see Paris and Sanger throw a wrench in the works.
  6. Melissa girls are 4A district 11. They are currently 26-3/7-0 and ranked #7 in max preps 4A.
  7. I’m feeling like PG and Melissa will be seeing each other again in the playoffs, this time on the diamond.
  8. It’s actually more common than you think for upstart football programs to win state around their 4-5 year point of existence. Melissa won their state title in their 5th year of existence and Brock (even though school already existed) added football to athletics and quickly struck gold as well. Something about the gel of those first senior group of kids that becomes magical.
  9. Yeah, no I don’t think it works that way. Maybe more of a underestimate on one side of the field and a bad season team looking to wreck havoc on somebody before they fall out.
  10. Most people get depressed during the holidays because of all the normal reasons. I get depressed during the holidays because I’m watching the final HS football game of the season!!
  11. I love College Stations helmet logos and the cougar up front. Looks clean! Also, this years state championship season has become the year of the Beast Slayers!!
  12. Congrats PG!!! I said after y’all beat us in the state quarterfinals in Paris that I was jumping on y’alls bandwagon all the way to state, and y’all didn’t fail me. Its good to know now that our season ended to the State Champs.
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