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  1. 8:28 left in the second quarter. Lightning delay. mv21 pp-0
  2. Mv wins 41-24. 8 forced turnovers by mv defense. Good first win of the season. Hope this young offense can find some traction and get rolling. A lot of sophomores to get comfortable on the big stage.
  3. This loss in my opinion is 100% of the coaches. We have had since week 3 to find a back up qb and they didn’t do it. They brought up the sophomore and never gave him a true chance to even try to play the position. Instead we put a wr back there and continued to run the same 5 to 7 plays every single week expecting McGill to just run over everyone. I’m honestly sad for the boys they didn’t deserve that from their staff. Hopefully doesn’t hurt anyone’s college chances by playing them out of their strength areas.
  4. I’m just glad we are actually playing our playoff games on Fridays so far this season instead of Thursdays. That was terrible traveling that far on Thursday’s last year and still having to work the next day lol
  5. Two of the top 5 rushes in the state in our little neck of the woods.
  6. I just pray it doesn’t hurt any of their potential college offers. A free education is the best kind.
  7. Same here. Still haven’t heard anything about our qb. But last week felt like every possession we were carrying someone of the field.
  8. Could be looking at a shake up in district standings after last night. Rumors. Again let me preface “rumors” are mv starting qb may have tore his acl and also there free safety broke his collar bone.
  9. Mv qb went down towards end of third qtr. Pewitt controlled clock with their wing t. They run it to perfection. I will credit them for that. Our defense looked lost all night. Haven’t seen that in a long time.
  10. Mv 42 PP 38 hope our qb will be ok. Lots of injuries tonight.
  11. Mv qb just got carried off the field. Not looking good.
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