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  1. I just pray it doesnโ€™t hurt any of their potential college offers. A free education is the best kind.
  2. Same here. Still havenโ€™t heard anything about our qb. But last week felt like every possession we were carrying someone of the field.
  3. Could be looking at a shake up in district standings after last night. Rumors. Again let me preface โ€œrumorsโ€ are mv starting qb may have tore his acl and also there free safety broke his collar bone.
  4. Mv qb went down towards end of third qtr. Pewitt controlled clock with their wing t. They run it to perfection. I will credit them for that. Our defense looked lost all night. Havenโ€™t seen that in a long time.
  5. Mv 42 PP 38 hope our qb will be ok. Lots of injuries tonight.
  6. Mv qb just got carried off the field. Not looking good.
  7. I agree. Thatโ€™s why I was saying they could watch and get some tips from them.
  8. 40 yard td pass to Horton. mv 21 Pp 8 refs seem very confused every time they throw a flag tonight. Thatโ€™s three times now they have marked the ball off the wrong direction.
  9. Mv 14 PP 8. 4:48 left in 1st Gladewater could watch some Pewitt film and learn about the wing t from Pewitt. They run it well.
  10. First play from scrimmage td pass to Horton. Mv 7 Pp 0
  11. Week 2 mv o line made some improvements and defense continued to look lights outs. Who does everyone have this week?
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