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  1. Phenomenal game by both teams. I didn’t know anything about Jim Ned going in to this game. They played a lights out game on both sides of the ball. Congratulations.
  2. I’m not getting my hopes up that he stays but I also wonder what MV next contract they offer him to try to get him to stay. Especially if he wins a state championship.
  3. I was honestly a little worried about the mv offense when the star rb Holloman went out for the rest of the year with a knee injury, but the other guys have really stepped up.
  4. He was there last night. Nice pic of him and Art up on the old Instagram from after the game.
  5. Lmao. Doubt it. The entire town has rallied around this football team. We have been selling out every venue every week and asking to buy the other teams left over tickets
  6. I can’t believe reporters aren’t eating this story up. First time MV has made it this far in the playoffs AND it’s under HC Art Briles? Are they blacklisting him and the school or what? I haven’t seen anything from any media source about any of their playoff wins.
  7. Mount Vernon extending their school history run by knocking off Malakoff Friday night. Will they continue the run or will Jim Ned be contending for the state title? Game will be Friday at 3:15pm at OLD globe life field in Arlington.
  8. I just don’t know where I might be able to find enough crow to feed 1100 people though?!?
  9. Sorry getting a little carried away with the crow mignon tonight. Just really happy to see my team making history for our school.
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