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  1. Outside of Alto I get it people can say over reaction or doesn’t think this a good hire, however if fans/parents/students are overly excited then I see that as a great thing leading into a new direction of a program. Would you rather them be against it or just don’t care????? Also IDK if u know this but football in alto is a HUGE deal so overly excited is the norm.
  2. How are gonna tell me I’m wrong when they are interviewing today.....from the looks of ur name and picture your probably groveton guy, I Know for a fact they are interviewing today.....so no matter what everyone is posting that’s the facts....
  3. last I heard alto hasn’t even had interviews so all this talk is a little premature..unless y’all got insider info Which I doubt....it’s still a little early
  4. Good game from y’all updating us hafta find a way to watch film to see for myself
  5. Appreciate ripper I’m actually home and can’t watch, def not happy but it is what it is
  6. No radio no live feed no service for texts gonna be a long night
  7. 20 min into game no updates...... cmon somebody gimme sumthin
  8. Carlisle needs to get with the times and get. Tower put in and get some service in that area....I got better service at my deer lease
  9. So anyone know for sure if Carlisle will be showing on nfhs?????? Or a radio station???
  10. That 2018 Carlisle was legit, thought that was there year, That QB could do it all
  11. Most years with a young team it isn’t so bad you’ve got 7 months to prepare..but with the Corona #### you .graduate 17 and have 2 returning starters, 4 seniors total more sophomores than juniors I’d say 90 percent starters now were on JV last year and on top of this new dc new defense.....this is what they call a perfect storm...Couldn’t been a worse year for alto to rebuild.....not making excuses but it’s early season we are playing tough pre district, when we get to district then we will see where alto is....these coaches alto have will get them ready....
  12. First game I’m home from work and gonna miss because of this corona ####, but on the bright side If the NFHs website shows the game I’ll have it on the big screen and a fridge full of tasty delights
  13. Let me in on that too, cause I’m from around there and that’s news to me....
  14. No insider info on top 3 or top 6??? Figured would hear something by now
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