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  1. Please post match ups, dates, times and locations. Series or single game ...
  2. I like the BearKats in this match up. Defense wins ball games ......
  3. May be Homecoming for Tenaha, but not a Saturday game, on our Schedule 7pm Friday 23rd October .
  4. Looks about right, I think Wildcats have All Saints at home.
  5. Police State at work, she is lucky she did not get shot right there in the stands. The BS is piling up to the point of suffocating .
  6. I am having the same issue, but only on iPad and phone not on Desk top.
  7. Yes planning on attending scrimmage, not really up to speed on roster. I do expect them to be improved form last year. Returning several quality players. I share your perspective, ready to block out all the media, politicians and two faced pundits.
  8. Yes I am a BearKat supporter, both sons Graduated BearKats. I like to support several local teams always have ,Mt. being one of them, but heads up pulling for the Purple. I have always enjoyed small school football and the atmosphere. Had the pleasure of watching some really good games and some good athletics.
  9. Not really, I have been out of the loop for 12 years. I did hear they hired one, he backed out and now have another.
  10. I have been out of the loop, are fans not going to be allowed in Stadiums?
  11. Was told several weeks ago, within a day or two of Jenkins exit he changed his mind.
  12. Was told he changed his mind, only two coaches left off last years stall.
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