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  1. Are you aware that you are a part of a forum? Forums are utilized to allow people to express THEIR opinions. If a coach can't take criticism then I most definitely wouldn't want them to coach my child. Many of the people that comment about the Gilmer games in this forum are in the stands and can see what is not working and were adjustments need to be made. In my honest opinion Gilmer needs to understand they have great players and the same plays that worked when JT was coaching is not going to work now. But back to why I responded in the first place, a good coach would get on this forum and read these comments and review film and make some necessary adjustments with some of the "critical" comments. Are Gilmer fans really "thankless" or are they trying to keep from seeing Gilmer football program sink. SN: The morale of the players has obviously decreased because the agenda of the pass game has started to focus on hyping one particular kid who is good but he cannot pull the weight/wins for the TEAM. BTW Springhill panthers had some phenomenal players!
  2. What I am referring to stems much deeper than tonight's game. No explanation needed as everyone knows. Thanks though
  3. Great game both teams. K. Ingram is an outstanding athlete and it was awesome to witness his athleticism. IMO Gilmer shot themselves in the foot the 2nd halve. Gilmer Coaches have got to understand that when the pass game is not working, it can't be forced. Gilmer does way to many rotations when they have the ball, once the momentum is up and the player is hot they pull them out of the game. I would encourage the coaches to let their player complete a series and stop trying to let all their players get on the field during a series. Do what works, it's simple, my elementary son saw that. Gilmer coaches know who their best players are but they refuse to let them shine. So to them I say get out of your feelings, stop worrying about what parents will be mad if their kid doesn't play and stop bullying your own players. Hopefully when Gilmer reviews film the difference between the 1st and 2nd half will be obvious, if not they can call me and I will point it out to them. On to the next game, best wishes to both teams for a safe season of W's
  4. Well it's the half time, Gilmer 39, LC 7
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