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  1. This alone should tell you everything about his coaching
  2. Will they make the playoffs this year? 0-6 already
  3. Did Diana ever get the bathrooms up and running? Last time I was there had to use a porta John.
  4. Some of those seasons are padded with smaller school teams in preseason too.
  5. Wasn't it last year his senior running back quit and a few years back his senior QB and running back quit? Why is it kids don't want to play for him?
  6. So who will get 4th in district? EF, QC, ND, HS?
  7. There are only two questions in this district. Will Hughes Springs win a game? Will Daingerfield lose a game? I think both answers are "NO."
  8. He didn't make it. Not sure his screen name but I know he was on this site.
  9. JV play in my Vernon. 7th and 8th grade play Hughes Springs in Daingerfield
  10. Daingerfield will score 8 tds. Timpson probably 5. So around a 56-35 game, give or take some kicks and 2 point conversions.
  11. Tri county press is live with the game of facebook
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