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  1. Been watching streaming on VYPElive streaming. The game is free. Poth boosters picked up cost.
  2. Franklin, Rogers, Lexington, anyone of the others
  3. only team left on your schedule with a shot at keeping you from 10-0. Could be close, I'll take the Lions by 7.
  4. This is not a surprise, Industrial will be pretty salty this year and Shiner lost some really good pieces.
  5. The only thing Max knows how to do is make excuses. Lionpride, your kid's have a lot of expectations on them this year. Hope they can stay healthy. Wish you guys best of luck and hope all goes well.
  6. How fast is the Argyle district growing. Will they still be a ways from 5A the next realignment?
  7. first time on in awhile. Congrats on your basketball teams success, I would suspect that Washington, Washington, Murphy, and Spiller are key players.
  8. Decent hire at coach and you should be 7-0 or 6-1 going into Diboll game. CC will be better, Rusk TBD, Buffalo down (losing QB,WR,RB). Garrison should be a good test. Elkhart and Westwood, meh. What you have on paper and hows it should play out on the field can be two separate things.
  9. I'm not sure, but it look like they changed him to a single number every time they wanted him lined up in an eligible position(TE).
  10. What a game winning drive by Franklin. Murphy (24) was a beast late. Great game from both teams.
  11. Shiner just doing Shiner. Brook's bloodline is strong.
  12. Final Franklin 56 Buffalo 33. Couple of quick observations: 1) Franklin plays like they did tonight they will not fair well next week. Still a great running team, but will have to pass some against the next level of competition. I know Washington is the big recruit, but Murphy is a man. 2. Hoffman is one tough kid. He was badly limping for final 3 quarters but according to the radio broadcast over the NFHS stream he passed for 297 and 3. He had so much tape on that foot, it looked like a fiberglass cast. Keep it up Franklin.
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