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  1. Officially he was reassigned. Leaving at the end of the school year. The internal problems you're likely speaking of dealt with staff and were handled swiftly and appropriately by administration. My son was a move in to the district going into high school. It's been the best thing that could have happened for him. There's only one other district in the county that even comes close to what GS has to offer. The administration in GS is top notch and is constantly and consistently improving what they offer as a district. Anyone who says differently is uninformed. I didn't grow up there, I didn't go to school there, and I have zero ties to anything there. It is not a biased opinion, but is based solely on the experience we've had there.
  2. I'm pretty sure that didn't play too big a part in the decision.
  3. I suspect the lack of discipline played a pretty big part in it.
  4. I honestly have no idea what you are talking about. And......I really don't care.
  5. Not sure what that's supposed to mean but it's a pretty good indication you don't know anything about the school district.
  6. Not confirmed, but I suspect the lack of discipline, as was on full display in our playoff loss last weekend. Over 200 yards in penalities. Most of which were personal fouls.
  7. Coach Ridge has been let go. Job posted today. Who wants it?
  8. Pass heavy offense. QB is very capable. Multiple receivers. Pretty aggressive on defense. Dangerfield shouldn't look past them.
  9. Based on how it stacked out last season, the 3rd place team would hit Newton in round 3. That was us last year. We did what was expected. We showed up, took our place in line for an whoopin', and then went home
  10. This has the potential to be a great game. No pun intended, but, GS is pretty salty this year. It's going to come down to a few key things for GS. Play calling, QB play, and pass defense. The pass defense has struggled all year. Both losses reflect that if you saw those games. The QB is young. He's a great kid, and I'm certainly not belittling him in any way, but he's been up and down this season, (mostly up) which I think was kind of expected. As the season has progressed I feel like the play selection has somewhat limited the offensive fire power. The offense really is loaded if we take advantage of it. We have 3 solid running backs, which there isn't really any discernable difference in, and a host of good receivers. The offense is at its best when running wide open. The last 3 minutes of the Arp game showed that once they went back to it. GS has to come firing on all cylinders to make this a game. They can, the question is will they?
  11. I think he fact that AG had 41 yards total offense at halftime sort of disproves the out physical aspect, does it not?
  12. Quitman scoring 21 against Harmony. Ok. Quitman scoring 21 period
  13. I'm confused why you think Alba would "out skill" Grand Saline, or be more physical. GS is loaded at skill positions and a major reason for being 6-1 is the offense and defense out physical people. 35-0 proves my point.
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