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  1. I honestly didn’t see this coming. I personally figured Argyle would be 2-3 at this point. But nothing surprises me anymore with this Argyle program. Nothing really flashy about this team…. But they have a really good defense with a bunch of seniors that bring leadership to that squad. The O-line is big, strong, fast and know their assignments. The running game is probably the strongest are for Argyle. They have 2 really good running backs that can break away on any given play. And a duel threat QB to add to the running attack. This team ain’t loaded with super stars, it loaded with play makers. I know they had a shootout with Love Joy, but I don’t think theres a more balanced team in 5a D2 than Argyle. The depth is crazy… The rematch between Argyle and Lovejoy will resemble the 2 half of that first game. Good luck to the Argyle Eagles this season. I’m pulling for ya!
  2. You are correct. We just sit back and watch. Really can’t get a word in edgewise…
  3. Yep, they are overrated! Beat the #8 ranked team, then beat the #1 ranked team, then beat the #6 ranked team.
  4. I guess we will see Friday. Now, I don’t think it really matters what my opinion on this game or any other game is, the fact that no matter what I say, Ole Regal is always against it. So I’m going to stick to my opinion that this game will not be close. Argyle by 21+
  5. I honestly don’t see this game being close at all. Argyle by 21-28
  6. The problem teams face every week against the Argyle defense is in the red zone. Your gonna get your yards, but the scores don’t come very easy or often. This Argyle defense is way better than they get credit for.
  7. Congratulations Canadian! Great game . Keep your heads up Franklin.
  8. With that defense I would go for it every time. By far the best defense in all of 4a
  9. After watching several Lindale games I have come to the conclusion this matchup won’t be close. Lindale doesn’t have the defense to stop nor slow down that potent offense of Argyle. I also don’t think Lindale has faced a defense as good as Argyle this year. Give me Argyle by 24
  10. The good thing about this game is Argyle will not be playing the homer east Texas fans. After the schedule Argyle has gone through this year, no one has proved to be better than them. This ain’t LBJ, I hope Lindale can bring it cause them Eagle from Argyle will definitely be ready for a fight. Argyle by 21
  11. I believe Carthage will continue their dominance in 4a and move on to next week. Good luck to both teams. Should be a good game to watch.
  12. I’ve had the privilege of seeing both of these in person this season. Graham has a really good team, but they don’t have a lot of size to them. I actually thought they looked more like a freshman team size wise. But they are fast! Celina has size advantage for sure but Graham is scrappy. If Celina plays to their ability, they win. I wouldn’t look past the little giants of Graham tho. I’m not ready to make my prediction yet, but I am leaning towards Celina a little.
  13. This game will have a state championship feel to it for sure. I really wish I could stream the Paris/Melissa game to see exactly how that game played out. Something down in my gut is telling me this could be one of those “ edge of your seat “ kinda game.
  14. I’ve learned over the last 6 years to never bet against Carthage! So with that said, I think Carthage rolls in this one. 38-24 Congrats to both teams on your wins!
  15. Same here, just finished watching it and really wasn’t all that impressed with ST. I honestly don’t think they can win the next round against Decatur or Canyon. I’m also with you on Canyon beating Decatur. Just don’t think Decatur has the D-fence to stop Canyon.
  16. Ok, here are my options on both games. Melissa/Paris both well coached teams with lots of talent on both sides of the ball. Paris has a really good defense and can slow a good offense down. ( ask Argyle ) Melissa has a really good offense but they also have a solid defense. I see Melissa winning this game by 1 or 2 scores. Should be a tight game till the 4th qt. Argyle / LaVega The Rematch! Seems every season of late these 2 teams collide with each other twice. Of course LaVega winning when it matters. Not this time! Strap those helmets on tight boys, them Eagles are for real. I don’t care if Raul’s is back under center or playing defense, he can’t beat this Argyle team by himself! LaVega couldn’t stop the running game of Argyle in their first meeting this season and they dang sure won’t stop it now. LaVega will double #5 all night long which will open up the passing game for the Eagles other talented receivers. I don’t look for Argyle to go to the air as much as normal, but I think you will get a heavy load of the 4 headed monster backfield that runs behind that big O-line. Argyles D is much improved from the first meeting and look for them to make several stops and force the Pirates to punt early. Not gonna be a good night for the Pirates if Argyle jumps out to a 14 point lead. Hard to play catch-up against this talented of a team. I see Argyle winning 42- 21 and moving on to face Melissa. Much respect for the Pirates, but they are not the same team of years past. We’ve all been there before.
  17. Absolutely no one in there respected division.
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