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  1. Burton won by 1. Tennyhaw is almost as big a mess as Henderson. Lol
  2. CalPreps has already adjusted taking this weeks games into account. They have Mart and Carlisle ranked #1 and 2 in 2AD2 and the predicted score for the Tenaha game is 56-14.
  3. The now 10 losses in a row is the second longest losing streak in school history. The record is 12 during the 2007-08 seasons. Henderson has had two 1-9 seasons and has never had an 0-10 season. The only game we really have a chance to win is the next one against Athens in 2 weeks. So after the next game we will know if this is the third time to go 1-9 or first time to go 0-10. CalPreps currently has Athens predicted to win by 7.
  4. 18 penalties for 195 yards (including 8 personal foul/unsportsmanlike conduct calls)
  5. We are about to get another change I bet. Marshall got Lake Travis offensive coordinator then when he left got Cuero’s head coach. Chapel Hill got Crosby’s head coach. Henderson made national news twice by getting Plano’s head coach (3 state championships and a national championship) and then Daingerfield’s (2 state championships and #5 in Texas all time wins). Really good coaches want to see if they can make it big in East Texas. It can be done the right way and someone who knows what they are doing will hopefully do it right this time.
  6. Who was happy? No one knew a thing about the guy. It was obviously a horrible hire and the people who caused it to happen need to go too. The program had stagnated and was not making progress. A change needed to be made probably but the one that was made was really bad.
  7. This is ridiculous. Why should this coach get to finish the season out?
  8. Don’t let the first 5-6 plays of the game fool you … same old sh*t since then. Penalties at least every other play. A lot of drives every play. More penalty yards than offensive yards. Wasted golden opportunity to score TD. Missed FG. Wasted 2 of 3 timeouts in first 6 mins of 1st quarter. No defense. Turnover. Had to take delay of game or waste last timeout still in 1st quarter. Same stuff every week.
  9. Chapel Hill was pretty good. Henderson only beat them by 7.
  10. Game 5: Henderson (0-4) at Lindale (2-2) 11th meeting Henderson leads all-time 6-4 First meeting: 1990; Henderson 24 - Lindale 17 Last meeting: 2021; Lindale 28 - Henderson 21 Henderson won the first 4 meetings. Lindale has won 4 of the last 6 since then (including the last 2) with the 2 exceptions being 2nd round area playoff games in 2010 and 2011, years in which Henderson won state and went to the semifinals. 4AD1 rankings: DCTF/AP: Lindale - 12 (no change) Henderson - 69 (down 5) MaxPreps: Lindale - 12 Henderson - 50 CalPreps power ranking: Lindale - 12 Henderson - 49 Predictions: DCTF: Lindale by 34 CalPreps: Lindale 44 - Henderson 21 Henderson has lost 9 games in a row overall (as well as the last 5 district games). This qualifies as the second longest losing streak in school history after a 12 game losing streak during the 2007-08 seasons. This season Henderson is 0-4. The program has had 2 seasons (2006 & 2008) that ended with a record of 1-9. Henderson has never had an 0-10 season in school history. Tonight will be Coach Othell Robinson’s 15th game as the Lions’ head coach. He is 3-11 overall, 1-5 in district games, and 0-0 in playoff games at Henderson. It will be Coach Chris Cochran’s 66th game as Lindale’s head coach. He is 40-25 overall, 22-9 in district games, and 7-4 in playoff games at Lindale.
  11. DCTF has Carlisle favored by 43 CalPreps has Carlisle ranked #3 and their score prediction is 62-7.
  12. We are an embarrassment. We will almost surely go 0-10. Which I do not think has ever happened. Unless Athens and or Jville’s QB gets hurt. If we did not have more penalty yards tonight than offensive yards it was close. The 4 opponents have scored 26, 49, 44, and 53 points. This coach is currently 3-11. And has lost 9 in a row which also may not have ever happened. If we do go 0-10 he will be 3-17 overall, 1-11 in district games, and 0-0 in playoff games. He and at least the assistant superintendent that pushed out the previous coach that went to the quarterfinals 4 times in 8 years and was tied for all time playoff game wins after just 8 seasons both have to go. The players/talent level is maybe not quite the level of the state and semifinal teams but basically the same as all the quarterfinal teams.
  13. Arp leading Tenaha by 3 TD. Mart beat Centerville by 1. Hawley beat Albany 26-14.
  14. Carlisle RB Brody Eaves is #1 in East Texas (all classes), #5 in Texas (all classes), and #73 in the nation in rushing … averaging 17.38 ypc and 231.7 ypg. 54 of the 72 players in the nation ahead of him have played either 1 or 2 more games. So among players who have played 3 games he is 19th in the nation. https://www.maxpreps.com/m/news/Sabn7bFklUe1cE2NUaIbew/high-school-football-fresh-off-monster-performance%2c-malaki-dowell-of-tennessee-leads-national-rushing-yardage-leaders.htm
  15. Texas Football picked Arp to win by 16. I commented let’s all check back late Friday because this prediction will not age well.
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