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  1. Lol I will tell them make sure they have some extra towels for y’all Tatum fans. Dry y’all eyes because when you lose I know it’s gne be excuses and crying
  2. Tatum fans like to talk but they know we kill birds around here Chickens Eagles etc lol
  3. Y’all crazy if you think Tatum will blow out Center..we are not talking because we know the outcome Center with the W in close one
  4. Lol u a hater man its plenty Talent out there U a Joke not a fan P.S. Keep that "kid" out yo mouth
  5. Who is u?? Are u watching the same games...Down year more like disappointing season I feel for the kids because the team is better than there record show.
  6. Sometimes I think we forget about the talent we have played. We have talent we jus have to continue blocking and defense get better
  7. Too much talent not to average at least 35 -40 points a game
  8. The plays are good its just the order he call them. As far as talent Qb Hicks RB 7 RB 32 Wr 4 Wr 3 and a couple more
  9. Center looked good last night could have put up 80 points easly. 3 things need to happen for Center and they can win district and make a deep run in playoffs. 1. O Line keep blocking 2. Defense make tackles 3. OC Better play calling (too much talent not to be scoring big numbers)
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