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  1. Naw we gonna let them handle our lightweight
  2. I hope pewitt pops em.give newton another morris co loss.
  3. And how is our program compared to yours...hmmm somethings working over here.
  4. We've had 4 different head coaches in the last 12 years. Dont be dramatic.
  5. I wasn't referring to your post. And after finding out some things yesterday, I'm concerned with the coaching staff. They need to figure out how to get along or we will be a quick exit which is a shame with a team that could compete for state.
  6. Yall keep sleeping on us tigers.we will be just fine come playoffs.
  7. I agree.we will be fine. We lost to dekalb last year and that propelled us to beating newton and going 4 rounds.
  8. That's what its it's all about. This week should have something similar happen...js .
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