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  1. I pray you’re right! Don’t think I can take another game like last week!
  2. Tough run this year, KDogs. Looking forward to y’all being back to normal next year! With your upcoming talent, you’ll be good to go next year!
  3. Good luck, Blue! Your friends in Carthage are cheering you on!
  4. I still get anxiety thinking about the 2016 team!
  5. Congrats C Dawgs! Great way to go out for Senior night- the last time this group will play at Bulldog Stadium!
  6. I’m not sure my heart is ready for another playoff season like that one!
  7. Dave Campbell Round 1 Predictions What do you think?
  8. Add in 24 as well! Think he did a good job last night
  9. Our O was awful Friday night. Didn’t play our caliber of Dawg Football at all. That being said, looking forward to seeing how y’all fare in the rest of the district games. We’re glad you’ve joined the Doom! Best of luck to the Vandals- a good addition to DOD
  10. Offense was flat tonight. They’re going to have to get fired up and not be complacent! I agree they will get better but they can’t afford so many mistakes!
  11. The boys said that he was a very nice kid. Several on the team were. They even congratulated us for making good hits while they were getting off the ground!
  12. Absolutely!! Hats off to the Hawks! Hope we play back to back again in December! Good luck!
  13. Remember they don’t have to play center this year!
  14. That’s funny! Agree- good luck to both!
  15. I know this has been said already, but as I’m reading through this, I can’t help but feel like I understand now how the Lobos might feel about us! I’m all for a good football team and having confidence in yourselves, but there’s a little thing called reality. Like it or not, we all have to live in it! Not holding the entirety of Newton in a bad light because of a couple of misguided posters, but come on!! Think Newton will roll- and rightly so. But this thread is sure making me wish Gilmer could get it together! For this game, at least!
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