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  1. Gunter has many injuries. Just win
  2. Im sure Gladewater admin, teachers and coaches are all wonderful people
  3. I started this thread....Didn"t mean it to become such a big deal. Tried to delete thread ( found no avenue ). Just didnt understand how a home game on jh schedule got moved to dallas. I know now. Gladewater changed games a long time ago. I dont think that was communicated (maybe i'm wrong). All the games were played last year, and it is a 2 year contract. As far as trying to get out of varsity game, I know nothing about that and it is just conjecture,
  4. Texasn live has Spring and Spring Westfield.. Great rivalry
  5. I see now they have underclassman games against Gilmer. Thats pretty crappy. So, we have to find underclassman games for everybody in 2 days or so.
  6. All Gunter underclassman games got canceled against Gladewater. Is there something I dont know?
  7. whitesboro is not solid. started multiple freshman on off line friday
  8. Brock seems a little lost right now. District is so weak, 'm sure they will recover
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