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  1. and hellman,......running back who has been a qb his whole life
  2. Have Lorena and Gunter scheduled next year. Will they honor schedule. Doubt it.
  3. i have to know the reason before i comment.
  4. Pilot Point vs Gunter 1999 First win ever for Gunter over PP
  5. Coach Fletcher has always had good defenses, very well coached on that side of the ball. Offense is another story. Has always counted on athleticism on that side of the ball.
  6. I got one problem with how this game ended up. Down 24 14, Bells just ran dive and ended game. Who does that.?
  7. All i ask is if we win, dont tell the media that you dominated us
  8. Gunter has enormous respecr for the bears. expect a good game
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