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  1. Has to be Canadian to Gunter. Canadian would have won state easily.
  2. i might be biased. But, it was targeting as the rule defines it. In 1980, just a regular play.
  3. Poth seemed to sink when 7 got ejected. Had a wonderful year though. That is 3 for GT.
  4. I wore my ring in 2017 to state game. Was a little embarrased, had never worn it. I Get there and everybody is wearing 2016 ring. It was such a cool feeling
  5. Amazing win with everything that happened yesterday. Respect for our friends from Canadian, but what our kids did was incredible. I am so proud of all involved.
  6. Driver was hurt pretty bad. Wonder what the rules are for delaying game. 30 .minutes, maybe an hour. praying for charter driver
  7. Is Canadian facebook still livestreaming.
  8. I say low scoring. GT 13 Canadian 10
  9. Gunter plays Holliday and Canadian so often in these rounds. There is such a respect between the fans. It has never been nasty on the field or in the stands. May the best team win.
  10. and hellman,......running back who has been a qb his whole life
  11. Have Lorena and Gunter scheduled next year. Will they honor schedule. Doubt it.
  12. i have to know the reason before i comment.
  13. Pilot Point vs Gunter 1999 First win ever for Gunter over PP
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