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  1. im gonna send him in to our roster
  2. Close game. Gunter takes it. Congrats
  3. the two bunts they put down against gunter were a show of what a well coached baseball team can do. I tip my cap.
  4. If your gonna suck, you get an easy schedule. If you win state, nobody will play you
  5. I thought you said he would pitch......your like my wife. Constantly changing your mind.
  6. that is because we are so nice too
  7. there is no way throckmorton county is north texas
  8. Gunter vs anybody..........I'll take gunter
  9. Gunter wins all 3 relays.....crazy
  10. Well, I'm glad they are so nice.
  11. they have their own games. not hard to understand
  12. True.....mainly because of lower levels. But also a little unfair.
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