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  1. 7 minutes ago, SmokedOut said:

    Tough schedule. Outside of WR, those could be L’s. BUT Tatum is always super athletic so their inexperience may not matter. 

    pretty dang tough

  2. On 2/26/2024 at 8:10 AM, CrankyOldMan said:

    Might not look like a blowout because the Anna and Celina coaches will have the class to not run it up too bad but it won’t be competitive after the 1st quarter.  

    Well, I'm glad they are so nice.

  3. 2 hours ago, THEHARDWAY said:

    In Canadians defense, Cavalier was sick, and RB1 was out. Had to move best wide receiver to running back.

    That said, we still would not have won. I think it ends up being a 14 point Gunter win. Our line was flat out bullied last night, the likes of which I have never seen. 

    This is the best Gunter team I have seen. They have diversified the offense and put the entire defense in conflict. 

    very classy

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