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  1. its always suprising when we are outmanned , playing jv kids, and still win. We have no business going to state game....our injuries are hard to overcome
  2. go to 22 -24 alignment they have 24 -26 there
  3. Yes , Gunter has numerous injuries (as do most teams). I dont think posters know how good Comanche is. I say GT 28 - 15.
  4. Potts off line doesnt block, they just watch
  5. Leonard is still the only team to never beat Gunter in our area. Coach Fletcher was Coach of Leonard for most of those years. You can imagine what this means to him. i believe at last count leonard 0 Gunter 27.
  6. Im sure their fans were thinking " can we do something besides ramming into their def line"
  7. Bells will be fine. JV is very competitive as well.
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