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  1. ok, heard there were some problems with after game interview.
  2. Where is Brock isd show. usually tuesday?
  3. Anna has been awful for 40 years. rootin for em
  4. West coast is based off Wing T. Bootleg actions mith multiple crossing routes.
  5. Megargel Mustangs........it's ok though, they dont have a school anymore
  6. They also have a lot of really good players. and can use them all in this offense
  7. You might have a great qb every year in 6A, But in 3A , you need a system that can be succesful every year.
  8. Gunter was always good, but couldnt get over the hump. Since pistol, 5 regional championships in a row and 2 state titles.
  9. we still have 2 years to make dangerfield cringe
  10. Gunter is expecting Div 1 in 2024
  11. It happens. Gunter had a class with 3 players a few years ago. Grew to about 7 by the time they were seniors.
  12. Gunter------ I guess someone could beat us. They better be good
  13. Im in Gunter Never played Alto and never been to Alto. But always heard of Alto. Football is why. Why it happened i dont know. But the people there are proud of their school and their kids and will do what they have to do. Make changes and move on.
  14. I give kudos to supt and how she handled it today. She is having to deal with huge mess, stood up and was very professional. This is a very small school district. Wish them the best
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