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  1. Overman is tougher. Refuses to lose. Can do so many things.
  2. Gunter has many injuries. Just win
  3. Im sure Gladewater admin, teachers and coaches are all wonderful people
  4. I started this thread....Didn"t mean it to become such a big deal. Tried to delete thread ( found no avenue ). Just didnt understand how a home game on jh schedule got moved to dallas. I know now. Gladewater changed games a long time ago. I dont think that was communicated (maybe i'm wrong). All the games were played last year, and it is a 2 year contract. As far as trying to get out of varsity game, I know nothing about that and it is just conjecture,
  5. Texasn live has Spring and Spring Westfield.. Great rivalry
  6. I see now they have underclassman games against Gilmer. Thats pretty crappy. So, we have to find underclassman games for everybody in 2 days or so.
  7. All Gunter underclassman games got canceled against Gladewater. Is there something I dont know?
  8. whitesboro is not solid. started multiple freshman on off line friday
  9. Brock seems a little lost right now. District is so weak, 'm sure they will recover
  10. I understand your sentiment, but i dont think it was 9 or 10
  11. Schools that play a tough non district schedule have injuries. Gunter and Brock are no exception. Lets see how they adjust and how their depth handles it.
  12. Gunter has weak classes coming up.. But, they have had weak jh classes before....end up being pretty darn good.
  13. Could be last time they play (if it happens)
  14. Put in all caps because they deserve it. They have some tough games to play. But it's what everyone wants to see. Both are playing at such a high level.
  15. I dont think Cornerstone is any good.
  16. either cornerstone isnt any good or Gunter should be 5A
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