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  1. 2 hours ago, GraysonFan said:

    Someone have a Gunter yearbook?  I would like to add up kids in their four grades they turned in this last time.  I have an old high school friend that has younger kids in their school district and he swears the classes are all over 100 students per now.  

    you jealous?

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  2. 53 minutes ago, yoenation79 said:

    I’ve been around the Yoemen for years.  I do not ever recall a freshmen class not having enough kids to field a team for them to safely play a schedule.  
    This is very concerning. 

    It happens.  Gunter had a class with 3 players a few years ago.  Grew to about 7 by the time they were seniors.

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  3. 42 minutes ago, villagegenius said:

    I watched/listened to the meeting live out of pure interest simply because this is a landmark case for the UIL. As they said, nothing like this has ever happened before at this time. The UIL was painted into a corner. I believe it was Dr Harrison who said that the UIL purposefully has safeguards in place in November and December to let schools reconfirm their numbers in case a mistake was made. For the timing of this to happen in August, it’s too late. They had no choice. If they had let Alto compete in 2A-D2 with the right to advance, then what would stop a large number of schools from “making a mistake” and not notifying the UIL until May or whenever it was the allegations came to light. 

    As was said in the meeting, rules are rules and no matter what the intent was, rules were broken and there are consequences. 

    Personally, I think Alto dodged a bullet. Based on what I heard in the meeting, I thought the UIL might carry the punishment across all sports due to the obvious lack of concern on Altos part on getting the process correct. There were, according to Alto ISD themselves, literally no procedures or processes in place to make sure what they presented to the UIL was factually correct. As the NCAA would so fondly put it, that’s “Lack of Institutional Control” if I’ve ever seen it. The UIL relies on schools to do their due diligence to make sure that number they turn in is correct, and Alto failed. Whether you think it was intentional or not, as someone in the meeting said, that is a whole lot of strange coincidences and we just don’t believe in coincidences here. 

    wow, great post

  4. 21 minutes ago, WildBear said:

    At the end of the day it all falls on the Superintendent. That is the person responsible for the district. After listening to the UIL meeting with Alto it sounded to me like everyone in Alto knew they had administrative problems. And nobody tried to fix them until it was too late. Very sad the students suffer because the administration couldn't get along.


    and school board

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  5. 30 minutes ago, Wild74 said:

    That is what we had this morning the number will increase by about 7 or 8 more. We had about 53 last year, we lost three to Tatum and another father job moved to south Texas. I would say we are about right for a school our size lion. On another note we did have one move in so you can say the 3 we lost to Tatum is really just two. 

    For you enrollment i'd say 55 is average.   So, ur right

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