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  1. why would u put lexington in front of gunter. Who has lexington played?
  2. Does Leonard have chance to beat Gunter for the first time ever?
  3. I think Dangerfield is on Gunter's schedule next year. Heard maybe first game, nuetral site.
  4. I think Dangerfield is better than everybody is saying. very humble fan base. Very young and talented.
  5. newton arp, arp boling were crazy games last year
  6. People are singing praises of their teams, and im not sayin gunter cant be had. But who has the talent to do it
  7. someone will probably beat us, but, I think were better than we were last year. We still have everybody ( a little banged up maybe). somebody is gonna have to be danged good to knock us out.
  8. this is getting rediculous, each week
  9. dangerfield or pewitt maybe?
  10. Who dropped you, and who are you playing now?
  11. i dont think Gunter was in top ten at this point last year
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