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  1. Holliday performance against Leonard not awe inspiring. Leonard 3rd place, Bells 2nd and Gunter 1st. Sorry , dont have a lot of confidence in Hero.
  2. Very evenly matched. I'll take Bells.
  3. I've seen Roosevelt. Unstoppable offensively, average on defense.
  4. Would love to see Roosevelt vs Canadian. Abernathy cant beat Canadian.
  5. Abernathy offensive line not real good. Both defenses suspect. Roosevelt offensive line really good.
  6. Heck, u never know whose gonna play for Spearman
  7. i dont think spearman is better than abernathy or roosevelt
  8. Found this on you tube sunday. Was an incredible game.
  9. I dont think Gunter cares one way are the other. Positives to both.
  10. Will leave 2 of the 3 unblocked many times.
  11. i know Gunter and Rogers both read everything
  12. Just dont play any non district games. And if someone is better than you in district, cancel that one too.
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