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  1. dekalb win over PP was great. But PP was so overrated, now it just seems like a solid win. Dangerfield by 28. ( but I still give great cred to dekalb over PP}
  2. Its not Coach David's fault. It goes back 20 years. They seperated JH and HS athletics. Noone paid any attention to JH. The JH was like an inner city, unattached JH. PP has had some good teams since then because of the athletes they have had. Not because of the program. I hope he can change that { and might be trying now }
  3. Pilot point problem is they arent very good.
  4. I love the work you put into it. But, Gunter has seen Pilot Point and Whitesboro in succesive weeks. And there is now way Pilot Point should be rated ahead of Whitesboro
  5. Funny, informative {except for coach x) and fired my up for watching friday night. All you need.
  6. We have great respect for our bigger brother.
  7. First time we won was in 99......News helicopter hovering above stadium, not even a place to stand.
  8. Took us a hundred years just to beat them once. Now we've won a few in a row.
  9. Kinda like cowboys redskins in 70s. Who knows whats gonna happen.
  10. assuming pottsboro canceled against mellissa?
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