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  1. actually, Pottsboro would have been better
  2. I hope waskom doesnt have to play another good 2a team
  3. some north texas team that cant compete with east texas teams.
  4. idk.....waskom poster think we are way overated
  5. Whitesboro has an experienced well coached team. Expecting a battle
  6. old app #### too

  7. chrome books wont load it. my phone did
  8. Crazy that Community could score that much and roll up that much yardage against a Pottsboro defense.
  9. i can do better with my etcho sketch
  10. Gettin close. Any last minute info?
  11. Didnt the woman who owned that grocery store pass away years ago
  12. I dont know how, but if we can repay.... we will
  13. As for Celina (who have won so many state championships), when we went to our first one in 16, theyre cops escorted us thru town and their students were holding signs supporting us as we drove thru. When we won ( at midnight) , their cops excorted thru town again. Was incredible. ty
  14. Great respect to Paul Pewitt for playing them
  15. I dont mind playing Celina. That wasnt my point. I dont understand why they would want to play us. I dont understand why they would want to play Paul Pewitt. Would be like us playing a good 2A div 2 team ( say Windthorst). Jh and jv games would be rediculous.
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