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  1. i bet carthage and gilmer would play, and theyre smaller schools
  2. Would be like us playing fannindel
  3. why would 800 celina want to play 350 gunter. Makes no sense. Celina needs to play up just like we do.
  4. Sunnyvale, im guessing, has twice the enrollment and a good program.
  5. Both of gunter scrimmages were blowouts, but both of opponents were young and all our players are back. So, cant really tell.
  6. saw throckmorton and wheeler there, state semis in 1986. Glorious old time stadium.
  7. I cant believe neither picked Franklin.......Are you kidding?
  8. We had a previous head coach here who told the kids "Nobody in the paper picked us to win. You know what we do with paper? We wipe our butts with paper"
  9. but i certainly respect east tx prowess
  10. 3 of the last 5 have been regions 1 and 2
  11. freshman class has over a 100. but jr and sr classes arent very large. if ur claiming conspiracy, u better have some proof. Thats horrible.
  12. I think we can stay under one more time. 350 right now
  13. gunter vs frisco legacy good scrimmage. Goog luck to you guys. dont discuss scrimmage scores, a waste of time
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