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  1. I have heard the Elk's D is pretty decent this year, especially with the Thomas kid on the D-line. Not sure about their offense.
  2. Yeah, not sure what that is, it's been there on Maxpreps for quite awhile.
  3. I hate to hear that. Prayers to the family and community.
  4. I wish we had these years ago. Man.. those are pretty sharp. We had the old faded red helmets that looked as if they had been passed down for 20 years.
  5. Please explain to me how enrollment equates winning. Below are the top schools (enrollment wise) in 4A. Next, take a look at their football records for the past 5-8 years. Splendora Dallas Carter Hereford Houston Furr Dallas Hillcrest Kilgore is listed at #9, enrollment wise, yet over the past eight years has approximately 27 more wins than any of them. If I am missing something, pleaseeee, for the love of Jobu, enlighten me, so I have a better understanding of your concept. BulldogBacker12, if you can make me see the light, nachos are on me at the Kilgore
  6. I don't wear underwear, good sir.. but thanks for checking. I merely posted a coach's record, so that you would have the facts, and stated my opinion that using enrollment is no indication of team's success. If that angers you, I suggest a beer, massage, or maybe kick some rocks while you stroll down a back country road. Of course Kilgore should be doing a bit better with the talent they usually have, but to relate that in some way to the school's total enrollment is not a great argument. Maybe next time, talk about coaching, using a different offense, or other things that actually h
  7. Lets take a look at his record at Kilgore. 9-5 12-3 14-1 4-7 8-4 7-5 9-4 3-8 So... two losing seasons and you think he should be on the hot seat? The only trend I see is a winning record over all. Now with that posted, I do believe Vallery's last two years in Kilgore were losing seasons. 3-7, 5-6. Then Wood takes over and goes 35-9 over the next three seasons. You also throw out enrollment as if every single male student in a school plays sports and more students some how magically equals state titles.. ? You might also want to think a
  8. In the Nac game, I believe it was 31 run plays, 8 passes. So, roughly 4:1?
  9. Just a rough guesstimate, I'd say it was maybe 6-7:1. I could be totally wrong, but in my head that seems about right. Some games less, some more.
  10. I think the offensive line might surprise some folks. Those guys have been (for the most part) together since 7th grade. Johnson, Woodside, Cj, Silvey, Flores. There are a few others whose names I can't remember, but those five have played together since then. That JV was a monster. I think Pitt was the only team that played them fairly close? 18-16? (Correct me on the score, my memory is horrid) Some of those kids should have been on varsity. The dline from end to end were in the back field most of the time and the lbs were in on most every tackle. Even the last four games of the yea
  11. Looks like we are due for another 8-4 or 9-4 season, or better. I'll take it. Hopefully this defense will hold opponents to under 25 ppg.
  12. Kilgore JV has only lost 2 games the past two years. Coach Dean is a good coach and uses a wide variety of plays. That defense was pretty awesome. The dline and LBs got after it every play. If recall correctly, they held Palestine to negative rushing yards. The Carthage game would have been a classic, we sat under the bleachers for ever, waiting and waiting until it was finally called off. I believe the varsity defense will be pretty tough to deal with this year. Several guys on there that have a few years of varsity experience under their belts. 3-4 on the dline and 2-3 LBs. With what i
  13. I heard the Elks beat #7 Groesbeck, handing them only their second loss of the season.
  14. Far too early for predictions. Seems like QB is an issue for quite a few teams. I think our defense is returning a good amount. 3 DL, 2 LBs, 2-3 DB. On offense, 3 OL, 2 RB, FB, 1 WR. Several others that played a fair amount. Then we should have quite a few moving up from the JV. Lots of talent, but putting all of that together can take some effort.
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