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  1. Heck of a hire by Cooper. Rod is as passionate as they come and demands toughness and grit out of his players. Has coached at two very successful programs in Pilot Point and Gunter. Cooper has great tradition and this hire will benefit the program, school and community.
  2. He ran the defense until last year when he turned it over to the oldest Castorena brother.
  3. Heard that Gunter's D Coordinater is a front runner for the position. 3 State Championship Appearnces with 2 Wins in the big game (Pilot Point & Gunter). Close to his roots and being able to compete against in the area makes it attractive.
  4. Mart QB has to be the MVP. Kid is a straight baller and turned the game around for Mart. Kid never left the field.
  5. Ball game. Mart gets their first title since 2010. 34-21
  6. Refugio is much more athletic but Herring didn't use them. Terrible coaching by Refugio but Mart capitalized on everything and suffocated Refugio. Heck of a game by that Mart team to keep on grinding. Refugio also completely abandoned what has gotten them to this point, the RUNNING GAME. He gave up running the ball in the 2nd quarter and put the game in the hands of his SOPH QB.
  7. Refugio is on another level right now. SA & Mart are very similar at the skill position level but Mart has a much better offensive & defensive line. I'm not expecting Refugio to jam it down Mart's throat like they did SA but they will open up the passing game more like they did against Mason. Refugio's depth is crazy & from what I hear Mart has barely any extra bodies. I can see it being a 7-10 point game at the half but Refugio comes out guns blazing after the intermission and win by 28.
  8. Those kids down in Gunter have long ago bought into the program but when Fieszel took over in 07 he took it to a different level. They have always been the underdog until last year. They have pulled a lot of upsets in the playoffs but have struggled to break through the 4th round. I've followed the program for years and have attended numerous games. Gunter will get beat in pregame & the eye test but when those kids put on the shoulder pads they turn into different animals. They got a hell of a coaching staff with 4 coaches that graduated from Gunter so they are very close to the community. There is not much too say about Gunter's style except that they are tough gritty kids that have continued the tradition that was laid down close to 2 decades ago.
  9. That Dropped TD ball on the first drive of the 2nd half took the air out of SA.
  10. Hell of a season by SA. Hell of a senior class. Them boys from Refugio are beasts. SA had missed turnovers & dropped balls that could of swung this game around but credit Refugio cause they made the plays when it counted. Time to move onto basketball and dam I'm excited about it.
  11. SA forces the fumble and goes back for a TD but it's negated
  12. That was never the case against the defending state champions. Been hard fought game so far. SA gets the ball at the half just gotta score
  13. Dropped pick six & another INT dropped before the half.
  14. Dogfight in the 1st quarter & since Refugio has done what they want running the ball
  15. SA hasn't stopped the run all year. They just have to find a way to make a big play(2 dropped picks) and make Refugio fling the ball around cause Refugio is manhandling SA with the run.
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