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  1. Tough district and the location comes with its own problems. Very easy to take talent elsewhere. New guy would need time to develop and hope to have a good class come through and stay.
  2. Is this confirmed? The OC has always been a slot-T guy, they had more success than they have had in a long time the first year in the slot-T, Mexia hasn't been as good since they got out of it and Pewitt had its most success in it. I am pretty sure the OC has always had a few spread packages. I would be surprised to see the slot-T disappear entirely.
  3. Not the greatest records but shows improvement at both places he's been. Very surprised with the success Carlisle has had they didn't give one of their coordinators a shot.
  4. 7-22 record, progressively worse every year.....
  5. Very progressive for Simms to hire someone with that name. Good luck!
  6. I would not bat an eye at 8 or more Schools. These can add up quick especially now a days, with the shortage allowing people to chase money and titles faster. Start at a middle school straight out of college, Move to a high school position at a school for 1-2 years, maybe a more prominent or better paying school for a few, Oc job, better oc job, AD Change? Find another job. Knowing a coach is lucky to make it four years as an AD somewhere reality sets in you have to move to move up. Only red flag would be a string of 1 and dones with no clear promotion.
  7. Good luck to him. Interested to see how he adjusts to a small school. Hopefully the cycle of no community support and terrible admin will end here.
  8. Is there a school with more potential that is open more than MV?
  9. Interesting idea, but I think this is most logical at lower classifications. Nothing like the 3A state basketball game being Dallas Madison vs San Antonio Cole. 4A small towns competing against Faith Family who's district lines span Avalon ISD, Cedar Hill ISD, Dallas ISD, DeSoto ISD, Duncanville ISD, Ennis ISD, Ferris ISD, Grand Prairie ISD, Italy ISD, Lancaster ISD, Maypearl ISD, Midlothian ISD, Milford ISD, Palmer ISD, Red Oak ISD, Waxahachie ISD. Putting a town of 4000 against a city of 1.3 Million seems a little ignorant.
  10. Impressive resume...
  11. Does he have a background in that? Know White Oak has been spread for a while.
  12. Grand Saline and Robinson are going to be built a little more similar to White Oak than TX high, marshall, poteet and north forney. Tough district that his son put up numbers in. He will help for sure. Like I said wish him well. Didn't like the Iske hate and IMO he's been replaced with someone with a lot to prove.
  13. Grand Saline 5-5 Grand Saline 1-9 Robinson 3-7 I wish him well but don't understand how this is seen as an upgrade from Iske regardless of how you felt about him. In 9 years he had only 3 years worse than Ludlows best year. With all the negative I've seen about Iske being the reason WO couldn't win this is interesting.
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