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  1. What the heck, is this guy putting on his cover letter/ resume? He needs to sell a book.
  2. The AD side of things gets some first timers. There is a lot of "administration" type work that comes with being AD. Its lazy on the schools but they would rather not train someone PAPFs, budgets, and handbooks etc. even if he's a good coach. At big schools they are able to be a "facilities coordinator" and deal with a fraction of the responsibilities. I don't think that's the case with Cumby's hire. He had some good years at Cooper all while they were 3A, probably would have a better overall record if he had been 2A. Couple 500 years at como which isn't bad at all for Como. As mentioned before I think he will help Cumby be competitive.
  3. What a guy to stick around and see the softball girls through. Shame QC is cheaping out on his contract and not trying to do right by him at all.
  4. Hasn't North Lamar been running flexbone the past couple seasons? Seems like that system was working better than the past.
  5. People don't understand this. A pre-district schedule goes both ways. No way in hell Bonham or NL is signing up to get beat by 50 by Paris.And no one believes the coach when he says "Man we are going to be down the next couple of years." Paris will have to schedule long drives, or tough opponents. As far as this topic its been somewhat bluntly mentioned. Paris is not a real desirable area right now. You don't get paid great, you're not really in a small town or a city, and at any school you pick winning very much will be tough. You might as well work in the Frisco area and make way more. I know at one point Chisum had hired a lot of hometown guys that didn't care about ever leaving, they have decent facilities, no big headaches in the classroom and not a lot of expectations.
  6. Domestic Violence Inappropriate Contact Will Wear Blue and White
  7. I believe they were slot t a few years ago? One of their past 4 coaches was I think.
  8. Well this didn't last. AD job is open again. What happened?
  9. Good hire. The flexbone will take some time and can be tough a to learn at smaller schools, but if it gets rolling it will fit them well.
  10. Wonder if he brings that wing T in from his PG years. That plus his defense experience gets HS on the right track IMO. Good luck coach!
  11. Firing a head baseball coach that made the playoffs and hiring your son is always a great first move in the right direction.
  12. I have heard QC is trying not to pay Droddy his last year on his contract or keep him employed for next year. Man deserves better. He's even still coaching the softball team!
  13. No change in rules exempt for the summer time. Probably 7 on 7 with coaches "monitoring" the field.
  14. If you wrote 5 lines of trolling nice job. If you actually believe black uniforms are a solid reason to be on your 4th head coach in 5 years, you're part of the reason this is a bad job.
  15. If I remember correctly, UG did something similar last time. Very quick hush hush hire with no postings or interviews.
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