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  1. Hughes Springs gets the dub in that old boring offense Harmony wanted to leave behind.
  2. Capitalism at work on both sides. Ads make money. People using the app makes the ads make money. If the people using the app aren't happy they stop using the app no money. App then must adapt to make consumers happy and make money. Complaints are relevant, free or not. The biggest issue is there isn't a competitor to the Friday Night Lights app. If enough people aren't happy there may soon be one. I don't think it would take a computer genius to create the old format (that people were happy with), and combine some sort of ad interface that is efficient and profitable. At the rate of complaints and lack of compliments the most profitable thing for the Friday Night Lights app may be to change.
  3. The Liberty vs Coastal Carolina Bowl game, this created a wild finish.
  4. Historically a tough place to play for some.
  5. It is exhausting to you because obviously reading is difficult for you. You named some of the top programs in the state as the places with community support. No poop man. Its easy to have community support when you are a top 5 program every year. Bland was your closest example to what I was asking for and shocker they fired a community guy that called that place home for two decades. Not because of his buy in to the community but because of WINS. Tell me one place (5 was too hard) that the coach has community support without that support being linked solely to wins.
  6. We can not argue both that a good coach invests in kids and the community over wins, and state wins is what shows a place has it "figured out". That's the mindset that leads to coaches being fired for not reaching expectations. Because if it doesn't look like its figured out fire the coach. Winning is all that matters. No community cares about a coach putting in time with kids, investing in the community, caring about kids, maxing out the potential of your talent etc. Wins. And even more specifically a progression of wins. Winning coaches have been fired for a town feeling like they've become stagnate. And lets be honest, there are only a few schools that come close to having the talent to compete with the first 5 schools on your list. I was specific in what I asked for a reason. There is a reason the saying "There are two types of coaches, those that have been fired and those that will be", rings true for 95% of the coaching world. Outside of the perennial powers that keep towns happy by winning, can you name 5 towns that have not fired their HC for a relatively long time? How many towns exist that understand their potential, and set their standard for their coach around that potential, and his care for the kids?
  7. At this point in the year if you have someone that can limit coaching turnover, and is invested in the community and kids already, give him his shot.
  8. Can you give some examples of these communities? Can you name 5 towns that have not made deep runs in the playoffs are not firing coaches for it?
  9. Any good coach will tell you the first thing is to build relationships and care about kids. Xs and Os second. Your split between what you call a crappy coach and a good coach is a major disconnect. It shows you think coaches are focused on the X's and O's and wins and losses. Coaches prioritize relationships, communities don't. Look no further than the Childress thread. At the end of the day good coaches are fired over wins and losses. A sad reality for young coaches to look forward to.
  10. The job is posted on their website as HFC boys coordinator/PE. Sounds like they've split the AD role.
  11. Can we change the title of this thread to this statement? This statement may be the number one reason for the coaching shortage.
  12. This is a pretty standard schedule. You can cut some time out in certain areas. Rotate laundry duty, locker room duty. More people are going to turf fields so might not have to paint. (I actually know of some coaches that a turf field is a must in looking for jobs for the extra time alone.) Maybe shave some time if your coordinators are making assistants do all the grunt work of laundry by themselves. While time saving that never leads to a good staff cohesion, and most small schools don't have "lead assistants". They just do everything. Play action has explained a ton but I'll dive into the standard weekend schedule. Friday: Spot on by Play action. Get the kids home. Get them out. Get laundry soaked and started. Film has to upload, clips have to be cut together. Film part is a 1 person job but its probably ready to go by midnight to 1. Saturday: Previous games film has to be graded and marked up. If kids are coming in on Saturday to watch it, that has to be done before. So typically sometime between 1AM and 9AM the film is ready to go. Approximately a 2 hour process. Maybe more maybe less depending on position and how the night went. So stay up until 3 or get to work 6 hours later. Lift, recovery run, and go over film with players gone between 11-12. From 12-2 its time to look at the next opponent. Data has to be put in to the clips and a scouting report made. Reports are ran film is studied. Go home find some time to watch film on your own to be ready to make a game plan the next day. Sunday: Meet after church and lunch, typically 2. Discuss what is being seen in the opponent. Formulate game plan. Does anything need to be changed? Anything new installed? How will they adjust to us how do we have to adjust to them? By 3 hopefully your plan is set now practice plan for the week. Drills, adjustments, plays. Draw up cards for your scout team to get aligned right. All of the offenses run plays. All of their pass plays. All of the defenses alignments. Final scouting report ready to be sent to the kids on Sunday or Monday. Leave when the jobs done. This is about as standard as it gets. More staffs are working from home on Saturday at the expense of not bringing the kids up. Just like before, you can maybe shave a couple hours off but not much. Keep in mind this is about as efficient as it gets for an average size staff. Smaller staffs will pull more weight.
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