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  1. Can you name a non Brock school that has gone the other way and not been average at everything? Your scenario is also extremely rare especially for 3A. Almost all HFC/ADs have some experience as an assistant and in multiple sports, and tons of coordinators hold head coaching experience in other sports and may be seeking a Head Football job. To answer the thread. Committees are kind of a new trend and are only used for the AD and whatever title attached to it. Possibly a committee for head football coaches that aren't AD. All other hires will be made by the AD and principals (
  2. I feel like you misunderstand the term "competitive". I stated its more competitive now not more challenging. The old system benefitted bigger schools that's the reason for the split. Take 4A for example. The number ranges from 500-1200. In the old system schools were playing football with a school over twice its size. Is that competitive or challenging? I don't think anyone would watch a fight of a 100 pound lightweight verses and 200 pound heavyweight and call it "competitive" when the heavyweight wins. The old system also left quality teams out of the playoffs. Heck a district gets swept ev
  3. Ok man lets use some common sense here. The comment was that Edgewood is average. Placing them in the top 50-60% of schools is average. If we were to look at "back in your day", making the playoffs would make someone a good to really good team. That's not the comment. Some districts are stacked, some districts are competitive, some are terrible in both quality of teams and numbers. You can look at their record, you can look at their district, and then make a reasonable assumption based on playoffs. For the most part a team that makes the playoffs is an average team. There are some excepti
  4. I would say they are an average to slightly above average program as a whole now. Good enough to get into the playoffs can't get a win in anything right now (not even basketball).
  5. All reassignments from what I've heard, even Roberts. New guy must have some people or he's going to be in trouble trying to find that many quality coaches to go to LK.
  6. I don't think I've ever seen a school just give up like this. Embarrassing.
  7. For sure, but we will see more small schools follow the trend. Maintenance hours, water, fertilizer, sod, paint that are constant expenses; gone. Then saves on all the same for a practice field because turf game fields can withstand practice. Turf actually saves money in the long run. Turf as a "luxury" will fade soon even in small towns when the stigma of it costing the taxpayers fades.
  8. Brock was also a unique situation adding football and I don't believe their AD has any football duties. Also with all of their success, it was still a stepping stone to an AD/HFC job.
  9. It won't be long we'll be making threads amazed a school still has grass. Field looks great. I'm curious how affective the cooling technology works. This could be big for safety during the summer.
  10. Giving it to Kilgore due to his success at a similar size school in a similar area. Hope both hires do well though! I wonder what offense Kilgore will run?
  11. So you're blaming the athletes and other coaches for you not winning. Good luck elsewhere.
  12. The blasphemy on this website. 1 decent season out of 3 in the spread? 2 first round exits and a losing season. 3 Seasons back in the Slot T and 8-3, 14-2 state runner ups, and 8-4, and still getting the "eh they would be better in something else". I bet a lot of schools will take a couple playoff wins a year and an occasional state run over first round exits. It amazes me some think that their best season in 2 decades would have been even better (by one game) in another system.
  13. If a HFC isn't able to pick his coordinators so that one of those coordinators can be his boss and keep insight into his ability, it sounds like EGO is already an issue. I really don't know how you can't see the difference in a Head Basketball Coach having authority over another head coach, and an OC having authority over a Head Coach.
  14. I don't know what school that is, but there are a lot of facilities coordinates that are coaches. Tons of big school HFC will be facilities coordinator and their boss is still the AD on the sports side. I believe Commerce's head basketball coach is the Assistant Principle. Their AD can't fire him from AP, but can reassign him from his coaching duty. The scenario 70blood said can absolutely happen in theory and if the HFC were to do something to get fired that firing would come from the AD just like any other sport. Could be messy if the AD is also assistant football, but probably avoided by hi
  15. Need to hire carefully. This could become a stepping stone job.
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