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  1. It is exhausting to you because obviously reading is difficult for you. You named some of the top programs in the state as the places with community support. No poop man. Its easy to have community support when you are a top 5 program every year. Bland was your closest example to what I was asking for and shocker they fired a community guy that called that place home for two decades. Not because of his buy in to the community but because of WINS. Tell me one place (5 was too hard) that the coach has community support without that support being linked solely to wins.
  2. We can not argue both that a good coach invests in kids and the community over wins, and state wins is what shows a place has it "figured out". That's the mindset that leads to coaches being fired for not reaching expectations. Because if it doesn't look like its figured out fire the coach. Winning is all that matters. No community cares about a coach putting in time with kids, investing in the community, caring about kids, maxing out the potential of your talent etc. Wins. And even more specifically a progression of wins. Winning coaches have been fired for a town feeling like they've become stagnate. And lets be honest, there are only a few schools that come close to having the talent to compete with the first 5 schools on your list. I was specific in what I asked for a reason. There is a reason the saying "There are two types of coaches, those that have been fired and those that will be", rings true for 95% of the coaching world. Outside of the perennial powers that keep towns happy by winning, can you name 5 towns that have not fired their HC for a relatively long time? How many towns exist that understand their potential, and set their standard for their coach around that potential, and his care for the kids?
  3. At this point in the year if you have someone that can limit coaching turnover, and is invested in the community and kids already, give him his shot.
  4. Can you give some examples of these communities? Can you name 5 towns that have not made deep runs in the playoffs are not firing coaches for it?
  5. Any good coach will tell you the first thing is to build relationships and care about kids. Xs and Os second. Your split between what you call a crappy coach and a good coach is a major disconnect. It shows you think coaches are focused on the X's and O's and wins and losses. Coaches prioritize relationships, communities don't. Look no further than the Childress thread. At the end of the day good coaches are fired over wins and losses. A sad reality for young coaches to look forward to.
  6. The job is posted on their website as HFC boys coordinator/PE. Sounds like they've split the AD role.
  7. Can we change the title of this thread to this statement? This statement may be the number one reason for the coaching shortage.
  8. This is a pretty standard schedule. You can cut some time out in certain areas. Rotate laundry duty, locker room duty. More people are going to turf fields so might not have to paint. (I actually know of some coaches that a turf field is a must in looking for jobs for the extra time alone.) Maybe shave some time if your coordinators are making assistants do all the grunt work of laundry by themselves. While time saving that never leads to a good staff cohesion, and most small schools don't have "lead assistants". They just do everything. Play action has explained a ton but I'll dive into the standard weekend schedule. Friday: Spot on by Play action. Get the kids home. Get them out. Get laundry soaked and started. Film has to upload, clips have to be cut together. Film part is a 1 person job but its probably ready to go by midnight to 1. Saturday: Previous games film has to be graded and marked up. If kids are coming in on Saturday to watch it, that has to be done before. So typically sometime between 1AM and 9AM the film is ready to go. Approximately a 2 hour process. Maybe more maybe less depending on position and how the night went. So stay up until 3 or get to work 6 hours later. Lift, recovery run, and go over film with players gone between 11-12. From 12-2 its time to look at the next opponent. Data has to be put in to the clips and a scouting report made. Reports are ran film is studied. Go home find some time to watch film on your own to be ready to make a game plan the next day. Sunday: Meet after church and lunch, typically 2. Discuss what is being seen in the opponent. Formulate game plan. Does anything need to be changed? Anything new installed? How will they adjust to us how do we have to adjust to them? By 3 hopefully your plan is set now practice plan for the week. Drills, adjustments, plays. Draw up cards for your scout team to get aligned right. All of the offenses run plays. All of their pass plays. All of the defenses alignments. Final scouting report ready to be sent to the kids on Sunday or Monday. Leave when the jobs done. This is about as standard as it gets. More staffs are working from home on Saturday at the expense of not bringing the kids up. Just like before, you can maybe shave a couple hours off but not much. Keep in mind this is about as efficient as it gets for an average size staff. Smaller staffs will pull more weight.
  9. I can give you $3000 a year and 2 parents screaming at you on a Thursday and 5 on a Friday. Best offer. I had a 3 sport coach divide his time and stipend up, it was somewhere along the $1/hr mark. This is somewhat getting better. A turf field cuts out 5 hours of work prepping the game field. I know some coaches that have said that alone will keep them from working in certain districts. Tech allows for film and planning to be done at home more and more. Some old school coaches still want to sit at the field house together forever. Even then its a lot of hours and work from home is still work.
  10. I know you meant no ill intentions, and its something that is mentioned all the time. But to coaches this is one of the issues. They put in time. They've made this their profession. They spend 8 hours a day in the class with other people's kids. Countless hours after school with other people's kids. Time on the weekend for or with other people's kids. Weeks of unpaid time over the summer for other people's kids. The ones that are sticking it out take great pride in what they do for communities and kids. And the response to a shortage of these people is "Grab your local painter that coached some pee-wee and played ball back in the day. He'll be just as good." While pay has been mentioned on this thread, respect, loyalty, and being valued has been mentioned more. The idea of being easily replaceable is why schools are having a hard time replacing coaches.
  11. Um, exactly what I'm saying. Many people teach so that can coach. Schools fill staffs with people across the state with coaches. Take the attachment to teaching away, and you are creating another beast. I said nothing about having a degree. But many of your comments are misguided or ill-informed. Most coaches teach. A select few coaches may get a cushiony job that would still require and educator to be in like proctoring dual credit, PE or DAEP. Keep in mind those spots would still have to be filled even without it tied to coaching. Even fewer coaches have no teaching responsibilities. I spoke on professional vs part time coaches. A coach that is a professional connects with kids in the classroom, in the hallways, in the athletic period, at lunch, etc. A part time coach that paints during the day and shows up for practice and games doesn't meet the standard of quality set by professional coaches. This isn't AAU or pee-wee.
  12. How many teacher positions do you think are filled because people want to coach? You would immediately lose thousands of teachers in a profession that is already short. Your athletes would be put in a PE class instead of an athletics class like other states. And do you think the quality of coaching would improve with part time workers as opposed to professionals?
  13. Is it just a coincidence Eustace is open?
  14. If the "good" in the communities made it a point to be as loud and involved as the "bad" in the communities, coaches might stay. I talked to a coach the other day that made the comment "I dreaded home games". He was an assistant up in the box and couldn't walk down at halftime or after a game without getting yelled at, mouthed at, or stared at. He would rather walk down the visitor stands at an away game than "his" community's. Everything has been mentioned. Long hours, average pay, no stability, no support. For years people have said if you don't like it find another profession. "If your not in it for the kids" or blah blah. Well people are finding other professions.
  15. How many coaches does this make in the past few years?
  16. I think they struggle to keep people anyway. An AD turnover coaches will always look. Lake close by and good pay. I think the facilities are good there too. Big problem is a tough district with a lack of athletes. Being competitive is probably the realistic goal, but like a lot of places, I doubt the community believes that.
  17. The AD is the head basketball coach. A former DC I believe so not an anti football guy. Think he was made the AD for stability. He's been there a good while, and doubt it gets taken away from him. As to money and teaching because of that, no clue.
  18. Heard Prairiland is looking for a HFC only again. Can anyone confirm?
  19. With him being reassigned and no misconduct being brought up its tough to think they will hire internally. Looks like they weren't happy with what was happening so why go with someone that was a part of that? Does anyone know what Childress runs offensively?
  20. Go ahead and add this to the "Lots of jobs open" thread. Harmony, Alto,...Childress. Politics at play. To be so successful, more successful than a majority of coaches and you're job isn't safe. Imagine young coaches looking at these situations. Work hard, pay your dues, be successful, get fired/reassigned/asked to retire/ asked to resign.
  21. What did he coach? and is it known if this is an administration role or if he will continue to coach?
  22. I think a better conversation would be who had the best/worst hire LAST coaching carousel. No way to tell right now. Going off name alone and not results.
  23. Fort Worth ISD is feeling the teacher and coaching shortage heavily and is trying to combat it early. Other places are still in denial. Lets look at some first year Beast Texas numbers. Texarkana, Tyler, Longview and surrounding area first year pay: Paul Pewit 34,160 Bullard: 35,000 Atlanta: 35,160 Daingerfield: 36,680 Winnsboro: 37,000 PG: 37,000 Spring Hill: 37,158 Texas High: 43,000 Tyler Legacy: 48,750 Dekalb: 49,400 Longview: 49,500 A lot of jobs make a lot more with a lot less stress or a lot less hours. I can beat half of these driving a garbage route.
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