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  1. We scored 75 points on Dallas Jesuit during the playoffs last year.
  2. Last week the sun was shinning and he missed a field goal and 2 points. I'm not sure he would've done any better if it wasn't raining.
  3. No Lufkin WILL NOT score 31 points on Longview. I just saw the highlights of their last weeks game. NOT GONNA HAPPEN!!
  4. I don't know why it wasn't held in Independent Stadium in Sheverport.
  5. Lobos roll in this one. They beat Rockwall. Rockwall beat the breaks off of JT. Now, you do the math. Lol
  6. sipping on that lobo koolaid to hard. But then again y'all were the same people that had us not having a chance at making the playoffs barley or beating rockwall heath. This will be the same scene as last year.
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