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  1. Think Edna probably poses the biggest threat to Lorena on that side of the bracket. Never been a huge believer in Industrial. LRA just doesn't have the horses to hang. It's definitely Lorena's to lose on that side
  2. Don't see either beating West/Koff or GW
  3. West, GW, Koff, or Lorena. One of those is taking state this year.
  4. Couldn't stop Whitney from putting up 30 but you think they'll keep GW from scoring above 20 after dominating GV....interesting logic
  5. Lmfao the score doesn't reflect what kind of game it was . Don't worry you can start inflating those basketballs next week. GW rolls. As arrogant MV is you'd think they won three state titles in a row.
  6. Pretty crazy they averaged 500 yards rushing lol
  7. Yep. Out of respect for GV I kept it at a two TD win for GW. But they're basically doing what Glen Rose did to them. And after Whitney punched Mount Vernon in the mouth last night. Think GW rolls MV next week too
  8. 13-0 GW 6:25 into the 1st. Doing exactly what I thought they'd do. Exposing GV with the QB run. Allen is going off apparently
  9. Did Potts starting QB play? It wouldnt have mattered either way. From the little I watched of the live stream. The Potts OL couldn't block a soul. They might've scored 7 lol
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