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  1. Kids are working very hard for him for what I hear. My nephew said he likes that he holds everyone to the same high standards. I believe he is building a good culture. Time will tell.
  2. Atlanta I believe had 65 out for high school and about 70+ 7th-8th.
  3. That’s another one I didn’t understand. How do they go about pairing these games?
  4. State championship will be played in the semi between Silsbee and Faith Family IMO.
  5. What are the start time for these games?
  6. I was confused by that comment as well.
  7. The girls volleyball team made school history this year with everyone coming back. When you look at opportunities to better yourself and also put your son in a good position, you have to do what’s best for you and your family. Coach banks will be missed and coach horsley also.
  8. That’s true and afraid the rest will follow.
  9. That’s two more African American educators lost in our district. There are very few as it is. One on the boys side and one on the girl’s side.
  10. See where we have a head volleyball and girls basketball opening. Per Facebook our super soph running back will be taking his talents to Carthage next year. We can’t caught a break…
  11. I think we got EF, Redwater, New Boston, LE and Brook Hill. Don’t know which weeks
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