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  1. Let's Go Rabbs. Need to start fast and keep the pressure coming.
  2. EF came out playing ball. You can't have two drives with 2nd and 25 and then fumble the 3rd Drive.
  3. Bussey is a beast! Kam is a game-changer for the Dawgs. He didn't play against them last year. This is going to be a good game to watch.
  4. We started slow for sure, but found our groove in the 2qtr. Hopefully, we will pick up where we left off.
  5. This is a basketball score! Love to see the stat line of this gameā€¦ insane!
  6. I believe that why we had scrimmage games against Hooks and D-Field. No the schedule is not what we like per say, but it is what it is. Still got to go out and play the game and hopefully get that young d and o line some good varsity reps.
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