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  1. Wonder where that information “LEAKED” from? There must be a “MIDDLE MAN” somewhere…..
  2. There is a offer just waiting to see if they will accept.
  3. Hopefully we will have news sooner than later.
  4. That’s going to be nasty with your athletics and his system.
  5. Well at least y’all got your guy. We will know something hopefully mid or end of week.
  6. Atlanta shutdown until next Tuesday
  7. Wonder when the final interviews will began?
  8. Who is the top three? You all know more than the people from Atl…
  9. You can’t build a program in 6 months and you can’t make promises you can’t keep either. I just hope we make the best decision for the kids and community. There are other issues Atl need to address before they start pointing fingers.
  10. I don’t think so. Believe it will be done before.
  11. Any update on interviews? Would think movement come soon with realignment approaching.
  12. @H3llR4z0rLet people lean to there own understanding. We know what is going here. Point fingers all you want, until we have one chief and Indians following that chief, nothing will change. Yes talent is here, but some has to be willing to follow and not alway be the leader.
  13. Could be good reason he came back closer to this direction.
  14. Is that home for the Pittsburg coach?
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