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  1. What does that say to your kids? If something doesn't go your way just quit!!! smh
  2. Not much of a chance to win their district with Gunter in it!!
  3. I'm with you StingEm thinking Alto gets the W.
  4. Got to take my Indians I believe they get it rolling this week. #Fearthespear
  5. Taking my Indians in a close one. 24 to 21 #Fearthespear
  6. Maybe you spelled Reklaw backwards are you talking about Walker?? LOL
  7. Chain, how is our QB just remembered that he got hurt towards the end of the game last week?
  8. and they probably heard we didn't look good the second game.
  9. I will always stand with Alto unless we are playing each other. I do think it will be a tough one SA will be hard to beat at home.
  10. I think Arp will be different from last year. Carlisle will have to play their butts off to win. I think we will turn it around this week and win in a close one.
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