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  1. QB will most likely be McClures son. He can sling it around pretty good. Very Accurate as for Oline I’m not really sure. That’s usually Atlanta weakness but we usually are 10 times faster then what we was last year. I was really surprised how much slower we was last year.
  2. Never no we might surprise some people. I plan on Atlanta to be more balanced this year for sure. Still got a couple RBs that will be good too.
  3. I appreciate you putting your time and effort into this. Very interesting for sure
  4. Matt’s son I watched him play some and the boy can play. If he continues to improve we could be very dangerous. We still have Nelson and Hamilton so we will be fine at the RB position. Defense wise I believe we will start off slow again then step it up in district. I honestly believe we will be better overall this year but who knows.
  5. In all honesty I believe the QB this year will be better as long as our Oline gives us some time. He’s an actual QB that can throw very accurate and has a decent arm. Andy was good but he wasn’t a real QB. He would have been a better slot WR and safety if we had someone to play QB last year. If our Oline blocks we will be more balanced then we have been since 2016.
  6. Atlanta could very well be better then last year. We will have a very accurate throwing QB I’m just not sold on our Oline yet
  7. I’m taking the Koff by 10 with a TD in the last 5 min. And a good stop to seal it. Even though they USE to be region 3 they aren’t this year and is REPRESENTING region 2. Represent #bEASTTEXAS Malakoff the Rabbs are cheering for you!!!
  8. All big stadiums imo has that affect. There’s a lot more to see behind the ball big time on deep routes. Might not be a problem but I have seen it happen.
  9. Carr is a monster!!! Wish we could have had a better first half so it would have been an even better game. Great job Atlanta there was a lot of heart showed today and Atlanta is proud! Now Malakoff go represent region 2 and show Brock how we do it around here!
  10. A couple years ago we was playing basketball and he had a leg cast and dunked it off one leg everyone was telling him to get away with his superhuman Tale.
  11. Dallas Washington was also insane. Just Big strong fast men. Dallas played for Arkansas and had a video on Kickoff that he took out the blocker and ball carrier and neither returned that game.
  12. We had 2-3 220 pound RBs lol Curtis Burns was my favorite to watch because he literally did everything! In one game he punted the ball twice and scored on both of them! Who does that?
  13. All the losses we have taken this year has helped us get to where we are at. We’ve seen it all this year so it’s pretty hard to surprise us. The Jefferson showed us that if we make mistakes against a good team you will get your butt handed to you. That’s the game that got our boys fired up. That’s what brought our intensity if continue that we alright. I’m proud of our boys and what they’ve accomplished this season.
  14. Dallas Washington’s punt return was amazing he broke at least 7 tackles and every tackle he broke that player stayed on the ground.
  15. He got the year wrong we slaughtered Marlin. Unless he’s talking about Sealy
  16. I’ve literally been told that by every player on that team I bet the police had a hard time taking him down.
  17. I wish that game was on YouTube or somewhere people don’t believe me when I say that team was the fastest meanest team I’ve ever seen at a high school level. Our secondary and LB was all sub 4.5 40s and LB we’re all good size and would knock your cleats off. Even in practice we would lay highlight type hits on each other.
  18. That looks like a fun game to attend I no that WR screen must have really been amazing to watch live! Came across the whole field .
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