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  1. Arp boys beat West Rusk in Triple OT 98-91
  2. I believe Arp is only losing 2 starters on offense and 3 on defense. They should be a lot better this next year.
  3. Yes. If Winona wins it does not matter what Arp does but they aren't gonna win so It's up to Arp to get it done against Troup.
  4. Winona will close composure in 2nd quarter and Quitman will run away with it at that point.
  5. They will have to revise after Friday night. Winona will choke against Quitman.
  6. If we use the magic combination the whole game it shouldn't be a problem. I think Arp will win this by 3 TD's.
  7. Congrats to Harmony. Good program and good bunch of kids. Running back is very good and sees the field well. Don't know if penalty bug gets y'all every week but keep that cleaned up and y'all will make a run.
  8. Good adjustments by Winona at halftime. Arp can't wait until the 4th quarter to find something that works. Very poor sportsmanship on both sides of the ball. Congrats to Winona on the win
  9. Seems to me there are too many playmakers standing on sidelines instead of using them on both sides of the ball
  10. Name a program that does besides Newton.
  11. I guarantee Troup won't thump Arp. Troup may win but it will be a battle and there will only be a couple of points between winner and loser
  12. This is going to be a fun district to be in this year. I bleed Arp maroon and Arp will be the only team I have an opinion on at this point. Arp is going to be a lot better on both sides of the ball this year. Lot of the boys have matured and there will be some good kids in key positions.We should go 2-1 in preseason with us coming up a little short in a battle with WR bad as I hate to say it. As far as district I will hold my comments until after the 2nd preseason game. I think then we will all have a good idea on how things will possibly play out
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