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  1. Moral of the story - Tatum came and Tatum was Tatum.
  2. This brings the thread to the original discussion, why is there so much toxicity?
  3. I can't say football is boring? It's dangerous and the NFL protest reminded that some players are good. Now I won't tell you what side I am on, but it's for a good cause.
  4. I was just saying is is a strange phenomenon. I wonder why.
  5. It's funny people are so defensive towards their district.
  6. Tatum people are constantly assuming that because we didn't make the playoffs, I am butthurt. I am quite glad we didn't, for I've have had enough marching for the season. Marching military is a like more difficult than corps btw. I don't care for sports; therefore, all your slander for not making the playoffs is pointless. Anyhow Tatum was in a 5 team district with Huntington... Let me repeat, Huntington. Meanwhile we did almost beat 4 of our district opponents. Not to mention our band got 5th at state while yours didn't even get out of area. Have real trash before you let your can lid open.
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