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  1. I would like to see mart and Timpson go at it tbh.
  2. Is my negative-499 reputation points concerning to you JB?
  3. This is what panic looks like. We know THEY control AJ. Only Trump will have the teeth to purge the corrupt from the intelligence apparatus.
  4. go look at some of his other tweets. Hes a partisan hack. everything that is going on right now is about the unspoken civil war going on inside the intelligence apparatus. White hats exist.
  5. Hippity hoppity this meme is now my property
  6. I saw some numbers tonight that were insane. I'm trying to verify the source. A modern holocaust
  7. And yes ^^^^that's real. 22 out of 50 in the study lost their babies.
  8. There goes the birthrate, bill gates is smiling.
  9. The people that got triple and quadruple jabbed will be gone within 5 years.
  10. Bots on TheDonald are insane. It's crazy the advancement we've seen in pseudo AI. "Inversion" is the point where the internet will be populated more by bots than actual people and to be honest we're likely already there.
  11. If a person posts exclusively to the political forum and they follow share blue talking points to a T I have no other choice but to identify them as a SHILL.
  12. I'm not talking about bots. I'm talking about share blue shills.
  13. I remember before an update a few years ago we had a lot of Russian bots that would post porn at 3 in the morning
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