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  1. This is what panic looks like. We know THEY control AJ. Only Trump will have the teeth to purge the corrupt from the intelligence apparatus.
  2. Showing off those IQ points again Forest. She just lost by 40 points. Her political career is over. Democrats aren't going to vote for a Cheney. She just got ratio'd into oblivion.
  3. go look at some of his other tweets. Hes a partisan hack. everything that is going on right now is about the unspoken civil war going on inside the intelligence apparatus. White hats exist.
  4. Just to be clear, my fight is not to abolish the fbi. My fight is to investigate their corruption.
  5. Right, do you know how to download images from here and post there? Like the meme above for example
  6. Do you know how to take images from here and share with your social network there?
  7. Hippity hoppity this meme is now my property
  8. Barry is suspiciously absent
  9. I'm just trying to prepare you for the shills. We will be fighting Pence's establishment Republicans and the Democrats this time around.
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