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  1. Man what a bummer...I am glad they are giving it a hot but realistically you are looking at sometime after New Years I would guess...that's a long break..going to be interesting to see how it plays out.
  2. Congrats on the win MV! Great season Off. Go rep region 2 and bring that trophy home. I was in Stephenville during those early-mid 90s' title runs and Briles is a heck of a coach. I wonder if some of those folks in MV are still upset about the hire now.....
  3. No...he played defense and had a lot of picks...did he have more picks on defense than he threw on offense.
  4. I would have to look but I wonder if he picked more than he threw?
  5. For sure, he made some big plays on that last drive to keep it going. And that pass was a thing of beauty..couldn't have walked it down and handed it to him any better
  6. Hopefully the conditions are better..I feel like the first half rain messed with Peace and his throws...They were a little off in the 1st half..Had some open guys just couldn't get it to them..If the conditions are favorable then I think you are pretty spot on in your assessment. I am going to try and find some MV film and see what they offer...Going to try and make this one for sure.
  7. First off congrats to Malakoff on the win. Knew it was coming at some point just really hoped it was next year... I told folks this would either be a game that GV jumped out to a 2 to 3 TD lead or it would be a nail biter to the end. GV had their chances to get it to that lead in the first half just couldn't capitalize on it. The first fumble was a sensational play by the defender to punch the ball out and the second was either an alignment issue or a bad snap or something. The ball going off the up backs leg directly to the right to the feet of the Malakoff defender was just one of those
  8. Since we played Salado this year..I'll be pulling for them to win...but it'll have to take their best game and Carthage making a few mistakes.
  9. It's Monday....Let's talk about some keys to the game....Let's start with the GV defense against the Malakoff offense..what does everyone see as strengths or weaknesses of both?
  10. They could be but Region 1 doesn't seem to have a lot of teeth to it.....best of the potential least isn't saying a lot...Time will tell
  11. Yes they are..I hope the do a joint thing again..always fun to listen to what they have to say
  12. Yeah I do as well...When Coach Davis came in 4 years ago coming from a bigger school made a world of difference. Getting the ZebraSportsNetwork up and going has been nothing short of awesomeness. The guys running it have done a fantastic job with it.
  13. Dude don't even get me started....lol. I mean come on everything else they do is really good but postgame stuff is just not good. A mic would do wonders.
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