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  1. Kirk Falcon is the only one worried about bleachers. The game will be played in a hundred field with no advantage for either team,
  2. Remember Tigers may be down but they get up for big games. They will be ready to play. Remember last time we played Carlisle they was picked to win by a bunch but it came out the other way. Carlisle is well coached by Baker he will have them ready but plying in the pit is a Tiger advantage.
  3. The visitor side will be fixed by next year I promise. As a board member being trying for years to get it done. It will happen by next year. It is embarrassing but it will be fixed.
  4. You don’t have to climb on the hill. And a promise to everyone the visitor side will have new bleachers next year.
  5. He is QB, so teams that run the wing or slot T that have a QB run for 200 yards and 0 passing, what is he. Great performance no matter what.
  6. Pooh Moore. Tenaha QB 16 carries. 402 yards 6 TD 44 yards passing 1 TD Set 2 school records with. 417 yards rushing and 6 touchdowns in a game. Tenaha 50. West Sabine 38
  7. Tenaha QB with 400 yards rushing and 6 touchdowns
  8. The top 2 finalists are Surratt and Traylor
  9. Coach Jackson had to teach 3-4 classes, coach football and boys and girls basketball the first few years at Tenaha. He did put us on the map as far as winning.
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