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  1. The top 2 finalists are Surratt and Traylor
  2. Coach Jackson had to teach 3-4 classes, coach football and boys and girls basketball the first few years at Tenaha. He did put us on the map as far as winning.
  3. Long time Athlete Trainer Mike ‘Runt’ Ramsey passed away today. He loved the kids at Tenaha and will be truly missed
  4. The Bulldogs lost a true fan today as former Bulldog QB Gunner Capps lost his father to Covid. Prayers for the Capps family.
  5. The Tigers will miss Mr. Jack. He would drive hundreds of miles to watch the Tigers play each week. RIP
  6. You can never count the Tigers out. They will give Mart all they want. Tenaha 45 Mart 43.
  7. We only play where the UIL puts us. Pee wee I think not, you try beating Mart
  8. If SA beats Garrison and Tenaha beats Woden 3 way tie for 2nd.
  9. Tenaha and Joaquin need to play, no matter who wins it is always a great game for the fans
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