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  1. Globe Life Field is the ‘new’ Rangers indoor stadium. If you are referring to the ‘old’ stadium where Melissa plays SOC that is Choctaw Stadium but was formerly Globe Life Stadium. Been to a couple games there and you are a little far from field but sight lines aren’t awful. Think the ‘visitors’ side is actually the bleachers that are in what used to be left/center field but not certain of that.
  2. Some information on the Melissa Cardinals. Some of it may be useless info but it is info nonetheless. The Cards have... Have had 16 different players score TDs this year Have scored 310 of their 451 points in the 1st half of games this year Have only scored 57 of their 451 points in the 4th quarter of games this year QB- Trevor Ham has 2,500+ yards passing & 35 TDs this year and has only played in the 4th quarter in 5 out of 10 games non-district opponents have a combined 25-5 record and all qualified for the playoffs Scored at least 13 points in 45 straight games dating back to 2019 season
  3. Then Paris High should schedule them in non-district. Between that Pig Farm Crap and Paper Mill mixture stank ever present at Wildcat Stadium they'd feel right at home
  4. It’s under construction now. The press box tower is up & seating supports going in now. ETA on completion is April. The current stadium is at Melissa Middle School and the new stadium will be at Melissa High School which also has a current ongoing massive classroom expansion.
  5. If Texas HIgh has decent passing attack and has the ability to limit the running game they should win. Melissa QB had 380 yds passing & 7 TDs IN THE 1st HALF. Terrell has a burner at RB and some good size on the lines. Seems like TH has struggled the past few weeks and if they keep playing like that this game will be close.
  6. No. In 5A the districts champs get home field in 1st round.
  7. I was glad to see this district thread created and hoping it would keep going but as only a handful of fans on here might be dying. I'll keep it gpoing at least one more week... This weeks standings.. 1. Denison 3-1 (1-0) 2. Lovejoy 2-2 (1-0) 3. Melissa 2-2 (1-0) 4. Mesquite Poteet 1-3 (1-0) 5. Crandall 3-1 (0-1) 6. Greenville 1-3 (0-1) 7. Princeton 1-3 (0-1) 8. Terrell 1-3 (0-1) This weeks 9/23 (week 2 of district play) matchups... Lovejoy at Denison Greenville at Princeton Mesquite Poteet at Crandall Melissa at Terrell My predictions for this week... Lovejoy 42 Denison 22 Greenville 32 Princeton 24 Crandall 35 Poteet 14 Melissa 46 Terrell 19
  8. I thought in the 1st game those Argyle RBs were good, but they are very very good. Both low center center of gravity, powerful and hit the holes quick. Think this stays close for a while then Argyle wins 41-20.
  9. My predictions... Mesq Poteet 28 Princeton 23.. closest game of the week. Loser likely has very little chance at playoff berth. Poteet wins a back and forth affair with late score Melissa 46 Crandall 28.. Both Os can score but Melissa's D is better and if Crandall's QB really out will be very tough for Pirates to outscore Cards. Denison 41 Greenville 14.. Denison better in trenches and wears down G-Ville Lovejoy 50 Terrell 14.. Terrell may be better than most think. Tigers keep it close...for a half
  10. I wouldn't worry about that too much as A)seems to always happen up there in Paris. The last 2 times Melissa went up there they had 20+ penalties many of which were very questionable. Last year think had 3 TDs called back just in the 1st quarter! B)first game of year Celina by 25+ over BL
  11. #99 and #10 for Argyle are Havoc wreakers on defense...in fact the whole front 7 for Argyle is very good, but the secondary looks a little shaky. Melissa had 2 times with WIDE OPEN WRs that were missed and another time where a WR dropped the ball on a long pass on the strange play early in 3rd that looked like free play due to Multiple AHS players jumping offsides with nothing was called. The secondary issue will obviously be something Lovejoy feasts on if not improved, so look for Leopards to have big passing night but not sure how effective their run game will be. Argyle OL good again as they always are and a copy smaller but very slippery hard runners at RB. QB1 is smart and also threat to run. QB2 is young but seems poised. The Eagles WRs also seem quite a bit improved over last year too, so think they will score but will likely be outscored. Going with Lovejoy 41-32.
  12. China Spring (not Springs!) makes the long trip north to face Melissa tonight an a very interesting inter-classification matchup. If Melissa had 18 less students last October they'd be in the same classification, but guess same can be said for CS as they are one of the smallest 4A D1 schools. Melissa originally had a tentative matchup with Denton Ryan this week but Ryan scheduled Bryant, AR (team that played Longview last year) so this matchup worked out a little better for Melissa. China Spring are defending state 4A D2 champs now on a 17 game win streak that opened with an impressive 38-20 win over defending 3A D1 champ Lorena. Melissa played well in 1st quarter at Argyle last week, but 5 turnovers and conditioning ultimately doomed them as Argyle outscored them 23-0 after that. I think CS should be a slight favorite in this one but all the DMN pickers went with Melissa. Think the Cards may be missing a key player or two tonight due to concussion issues. Thinking Melissa may give QB2 some more looks tonight too.
  13. The SOC QB is several notches below the guy they had last year who was really really solid. SOC will lean heavily on their outstanding D and run game.
  14. Are you sure about District 8 runner up possibly facing SOC in 2nd round?? I’m a Melissa guy and I thought District 7 runner up would play SOC 2nd round if they both won 1st round.
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