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  1. CS offense is 90% Bowden runs. Feel like they are going to tack a chance & heave one deep soon
  2. This may be the dumbest response in the history of Smoaky. Dude has had like 975 replies since Argyle lost 3 weeks ago.
  3. IMO Eakin is best WR in TX high school football regardless of classification.
  4. Would be easy to say LBJ overrated but don’t think they really are. Just had fumbleitis & SVille D is really good. Their LB play is insane.
  5. LBJ has opted up. They will in 5A-D2. That move really makes no sense to me but guess Austin ISD wanted them 5A. About this LBJ-SVille game .. my gut just tells me LBJ wins in shootout. Something like 46-42
  6. I think many saw that Anna beat Hirschi and wrote the Huskies off. But that was very early in the season and clearly the Huskies improved. Hirschi plays 2 more seasons then closes down. Perhaps using that as motivation and playing with chip on shoulder.
  7. My first time in this stadium. Incredible facility. So far this game VERY similar to Stephenville-Melissa game last week
  8. But these are some darn fine reads...Now that my team Melissa choked and lost and this Celina/Gilmer game 30 minutes from the house..I think I'm gonna have to be there in person.
  9. Fennegan's season stats are passing- 168-287 2,742 yds 37 TDs 8 Ints and 304 yds rushing 6 TDs in 13 games...nearly identical to last years stats in 12 games. Melissa has had 16 different players score offensive TDs this year so Sam has lots of weapons to work with.
  10. She's a little hotter than Aubrey, but ALOT hotter than Anna or Celeste, but I like em thick so not sure if she's hotter than Big Sandy.
  11. I just do not see any way this will not be great ball game. Looks like 2 evenly matched teams and the predictions I've seen so far are about a 50/50 split. This one will be a war in the trenches and the battle between the SVille OL and the Melissa DL will be the main matchup to watch IMO. Melissa D overall has played really well since week 3 but has been vurnerable to the deep pass when facing teams with a QB that can sling it. SVille looks to be one of those teams so this has a potential to be a high scoring game, but thinking nowhere near the 65-58 shootout won be Melissa last years when the teams ran 65+ plays each and combined for 1,300+ total yeards. I think the winner of this faces Austin LBJ for the title in 2 weeks. Weather looks to be perfect and really looking forward to this game.
  12. From what I've hear there will be no livestream, but perhaps that will change for those who want to watch. I'll be there in person. I'm starting a game thread.
  13. Sounds like that’s a great ball game. Melissa up on LaVega 38-7 1 min left in 3rd. Complete domination from the start. LV has 18 yds rushing.
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