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  1. I remember you saying the Waskom/WR game was going to be close as well. This might be as bad as that one, or worse if Canadian chooses.
  2. I want to see another great championship game, but I think it’ll be over by halftime. Probably won’t be close, unless Canadian turns the ball over a ton.
  3. JN sent ole Briles outta town. Straight to Lubbock. Poor fella
  4. Agree. This definitely seems to be the best two teams in the division. Shame it’s not for all the marbles. Just like Shiner and Refugio last week. What a game!
  5. Sure hoping for a more competitive game tomorrow. That game tonight was a bummer, even watching at home
  6. Didn’t mean the team wasn’t good. They’re very good, obviously. Just saying their band is also extremely good. And that’s all I had to say.
  7. Timpson has a dang good band. That is all
  8. They have toted SEVERE beat downs for years now. This might just bring back some of those suppressed PTSD memories
  9. Got a feeling it’ll feel like old times at Overton
  10. All the north East Texas teams loved seeing what happened to Newton against WOS & Jasper. It was all the talk for a minute. Those same teams sure didn’t schedule Carthage, Pleasant Grove or Gilmer (which is the equivalent in size and rankings). They don’t have the same issues getting games against similar sized schools. There aren’t many area 3A-d2 schools standing in line to play the Eagles.
  11. Be much worse. Unless they call off the dogs at the half.
  12. Be much worse. Unless they call off the dogs at the half.
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