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  1. Held Newton to 16! I’d say they played lights out on defense. Both defenses balled out! Offenses didn’t look like 4th rounders on either side. But that’s what great defense does
  2. That defense is for real fellas!!! Good game both teams. Sloppy but very entertaining!
  3. Well they won’t beat Newton, so I’m sure there are ‘wanting’ to see DF. Newton on a one way ride to Jerry world again.
  4. Til the last play it was!! Game for the ages
  5. That’s true. I had visions of a crowd like the GW/Gilmer game a few years back. that was WILD
  6. There won’t be enough for this game! The grass and everywhere else will be standing room only!
  7. Never mentioned anything about Tyree. Only said WR considered themselves some kind of state runner ups. Tyree will get his. No doubt about that! WR won’t anytime soon
  8. Exactly what’s going down! And Newton over WR by 40 week 4. Cannot wait for that one!!!!!
  9. None of this matters. Last win of 2022 for either team. Donesky after week 3!! Getting that tail handed to them week 4. Can’t hide forever
  10. He’s here. Just incognito. Or incognicko more like it. He got tired of getting his hand slapped I guess
  11. Yessir we shall see. But you have your hands full this week. Newton ain’t no joke this year. Common opponents….blah blah blah. They're coming and they won’t t stop till the final horn blows after 60 minutes. Be a long night for DF. Believe that
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