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  1. Well now that the other side of next week’s game is settled, let’s get this one on! This one will be a lot closer on the scoreboard. No doubt about that! Highly doubt there’s 78 points scored either. That was a track meet tonight.
  2. Great game. Gotta give it to the baby blue. They played with heart. DF just too much. Hate to see the young QB go down. Hopefully nothing too serious.
  3. Not a bad half for them. Lotta ball left though. Dark blue looks fresh. Could be more of the same
  4. Holiday advice for the baby blue gang. Eat up all that turkey before game time. It’s not going to taste the same after DF brings the smoke tomorrow
  5. That’s a pipe dream bud. Sorry but that’s just not going to happen. Daingerfield is built for this. Track record proves it
  6. Why on earth would you think I was referring to you? Are you from New Diana? Must have struck a nerve. And I don’t jump. Or thump my chest. Just a fan. And I guarantee you I’ve been ‘riding’ with Newton longer than you’ve been on the baby blue bandwagon. It’s fine though. That train stops soon.
  7. The super fan from New Diana does enough chest bumping for the whole lot. That’s where he learned all this football knowledge he spews. New Diana. Jesus what a joke
  8. My buddy got me on Newton in 2012 when they played a sloppy game against Yoe and lost. Next year made a couple games and watched them lose to White Oak in Lufkin on a COOOLD night. Realized then what a tight knit town and fanbase Newton had. Have always been treated like family at the games and have seen many games since and will continue to follow and support them. Amazing the talent that comes out of there. 2nd and 3rd generation players. Similar to Daingerfield in that respect. Talent is always present!
  9. They’ll be back before long. Too much talent to be down long. Just need a coach they’ll respect and not quit on. Shame it’s not coach O. He lives and bleeds LSU!
  10. I would’ve been right there with you. I would’ve thought that was in the bag. That’s why they suit up and play though
  11. Ouch. Too many factors in high school football. I don’t think I’d ever take a bet on ANY team. I like to keep my money Hope it wasn’t the PP game last year… I would’ve lost on that one also.
  12. They sure did that year. This is a new year. Everybody keeps winning and we’ll see how the chips fall. Just saying they wouldn’t be my first pick either.
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