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  1. Thank you. I will check my emails. I appreciate the heads up
  2. I'll be there Thursday-Saturday and would like to attend the breakfast. Is there a link or a lead on where to get tickets?
  3. Booneville has a rich history in their division in Arkansas. They are a perennial powerhouse in Arkansas 3A. 1st year back for a very successful previous coach (130-32). This coach led them to a 15-0 state championship in 2018. Should be an interesting game.
  4. Personal fouls on the defense are live ball fouls treated as dead ball fouls and the yardage is tacked on to the end of the play if the play ends beyond the original line of scrimmage. So a roughing foul would be added to the end of the play unless the ball became dead behind the LOS. Then, it would be assessed from the previous spot.
  5. “Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.” ― Thomas Paine, The American Crisis
  6. If Longview plays their average and Westfield plays their average- Lobos should win by 3-4 scores. 49-24 type of game. I have seen LV live twice and WF twice on film. Longview just needs to take care of the ball and do what they do. Control momentum, stay ahead of the chains, and play assignment football = Lobo win.
  7. Obviously my comedic genius was completely taken amiss.
  8. I wasn't taking a shot at Coach Surratt, he has earned the right to make those calls without question. I was drawing a parallel metaphor to Surratt's call and Mathis' call tonight. Lot's of upset Mavs even though Mathis made the right call under the circumstances.
  9. Someone that starts a thread like this, is like a coach that goes for two with the game on the line- You get it right, you're a genius, you get it wrong and you're just an idiot!
  10. It has to strike some fear in future opponents, that Longview is able to get pressure on their QB with just a 3 man rush.
  11. Longview has already scored 1/4 as many points as Vandergrift has given up all season. I don't think their done yet.
  12. I think that if the Lobos can tighten up the turnovers and penalties, we will win the 2nd half 35-7
  13. I saw someone comment last week about doing a fundraiser for a new Lobo tunnel- I agree! That thing is pitiful.
  14. Coach Berry was just on Fox Sports Southwest and explained the adjustments to the game plan on how to deal with OB after giving up 21 in the 1st Q. Sounds like, GW coaches figured it out and they were able to put some brakes on that Tatum Ferrari. I am excited to see Tatum and GW good at the same time.
  15. My bad. I didn't realize your 6 of 8 games comment didn't include the first 2-3 games.
  16. How many did you put up in the first half of the Daingerfield game? Don't throw the weather excuse- It didn't downpour til there was 4:34 left in the 2nd Q.
  17. The Grove lost their QB (knee) against Big Sandy and I believe he is done. It would not have been a close game even if he was healthy, so Indians by a lot.
  18. I wish I had a nickel for every time I heard them say that PG bullied wos, on Scoreboard live tonight.
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