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  1. They are good if the line will just block we are a state team with the big man in the backfield
  2. Really don't think our d will allow that many points and how have they not done a good job of playing 4 quarters our record is the same as waskom but our L came from west orange stark which is in the third round of playoffs in 4A but we ain't waskom that's OK cause we will be there Friday to play newton football as we always do
  3. The names on the field today have been the names for over 30 years they keep carrying the tradition let's just hope they keep coming
  4. And I'm a lsu fan will be there Saturday night watching them after the eagles move on to the third round and yes lsu does suck this year lol
  5. Well he picked a good one lol we didn't get 5 rings from being down all the time and with 601 total wins under our belt we do pretty good I guess seems like everyone is always talking about newton haha
  6. Haha ain't no one putting 60 on newton our D is never that bad
  7. Looks like you should do the same lol
  8. Congratulations now you have to get past EB if they anything like last year them boys are tough but good luck with PP first
  9. Newton will always show up against yall do to the basketball ordeal the coaches still remember that so get ready for your beat down cause its coming might not be as bad as last year but it will be good
  10. This is what happened last Thursday wait till the end
  11. If we have all of our kids playing on D it will be a normal newton game
  12. One thing you want do is run on newton better be airing it out lol you might get lucky once but not all night
  13. Well we should just have gave troup a home game on this one smh
  14. Newton has had that talent before 2002 to 2005 look at the kids that went D1 even had 2 that went pro just not the coaching that we have had the last couple of years to expose it and now we are right back to the not exposing it once again on offense lol
  15. Last home game for most of the kids they knew they wouldn't get pulled lol so they came to play
  16. Maybe the kids want to play the hole game and not 3 quarters be cause after halftime its always a blowout just saying lol
  17. Hey yall got the W congratulations now go on and worry about who yall got next good luck the rest of the way hope yall make it to state so we can really have an excuse about yall beating us
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