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  1. How many point do you think PLC will meed to score to win this game?
  2. The game will also be streamed on the Modoc Media Youtube channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmhxQNlTi74vIQkbL8Eeeeg
  3. Calhoun and Calallen maybe as well be the most physical team LV see this year. I can promise LV will be the biggest, fastest and most physical team either of those teams will face this season.
  4. I would be very surprised if PLC scores 14. The sandcrabs graduated most of there team last year and the flex bone has to be a well oiled machine for it to work well. LV will take full advantage any mistakes made by PLC. To slow down teams you need to maintain possession of the football. I guess we will see how well the sandcrabs can do that.
  5. LV will be ready PLC, From what I can tell PLC runs the flex bone which is assignment football. Hyde will have his player in the right spot doing what they are supposed to do, after seeing LV in 18 vs Liberty Hill and the discipline of LV defense in that game I'm not worried about the PLC offense at all.
  6. You must not know anything about La Vega. It hard to grind a team down when you keep going 3 and out.
  7. i would say not to good for LH in that game. If you are a one dimensional team playing against LV it going to be tough going.
  8. I'm pretty sure they said the same thing about Liberty Hill offense in 2018 and we know how that turned out.
  9. Smoaky broke the new about an hour ago. This should be an interesting match up.
  10. https://www.facebook.com/watch/live/?v=641469939836798&ref=search Varsity starts at 1:19 21-0 over CS
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