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  1. It may because all everyone does on here is bash Whitehouse. No point getting caught up in all the noise. I think Whitehouse wins in a close one. Looks to me like two evenly matched teams.
  2. I'm thinking times are pretty good right now. We are playing Marshall tonight for a possible shot at the district championship.
  3. Whitehouse fans are still here. We just read, but don’t post much. Should be a really fun game in a great atmosphere.
  4. This week could decide a lot things. Ennis, Corsicana, and Whitehouse all would pretty much be in with wins.
  5. Nac has played a pretty tough schedule. Scored a lot of points but given up a ton of points also. They are young which usually leads to lots of mistakes. Once they put it all together, they will be pretty salty. They got a big lead against Corsicana, but couldn't hang on. They are 1-6, but have the athletes to compete with anyone. Whitehouse has gone from trying to outscore everyone, to playing ball control offense and solid defense. Seems like they are running the ball more than in years past. They went up on Jacksonville 17-0 and then basically ran the ball and turned the game over to t
  6. I think every 17-5A game tonight will be close. I take Whitehouse 27-23.
  7. The Ennis paper said they had two significant injuries against Del Valle. One was a knee and one was a concussion. How are the injured kids?
  8. I really think anyone in this district can beat anyone. No dominant teams, but no terrible teams either.
  9. Whitehouse has only given up about 30 yds passing in two games. Their secondary is very solid. They have one of the best safeties in East Texas.
  10. I think it will be a very competitive game. Both teams have very good defenses. Carthage is probably a little more explosive on offense than Whitehouse. I think the first team to score 24 pts wins.
  11. Should be a great game. It's a big test for both teams.
  12. Whitehouse was pretty vanilla on offense. Ran the ball pretty well and completed a lot of short passes. Didn't throw the ball down the field much. QB was 21 out of 31 for around 200 yds and RB # 8 looked good. He had several good, long runs. Defense looked very good to me. Hallsville did very little on offense all night.
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