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  1. Helluva 2nd half CHill! Great adjustments made. Rooting for Region 3 rest of the way!
  2. All BS talk aside now! It’s game day! May the best team win! Hoping the Raiders play physical, fast, and trap them damn Dawgs! Prayers for an injury free game on both sides! Prayers for safe travels for the Dawgs, Raiders, and their fans. Dawgs have basketball practice to start next week and Raiders have regional finals to prep for.
  3. You do realize karma’s a b**ch! And that ain’t how it works!
  4. Naw, Lumberton has to many coming back next year!
  5. Prayers up for the family, students, and community of Argyle from Lumberton!
  6. Now up until this year, Babin was a coach for every team that won a playoff game. 2007 he was the OC. 2018 & 2019 he was a the HC.
  7. Naw that’s not true. Alvin Credeur led them to the Regional Semi’s in 2007 losing to Waller. 2008 lost in the 1st round. Babin took over in 2015 and we lost to Crosby in Bi-District. In 2018 we dropped from 5A to 4A. Babin won 2 Bi-District games in 2018 & 2019. Had a horrible 2020 season. Reyes 1st year 2021 we lost 1st round to Lindale.
  8. Lumberton has only made it this far once in school history until this year. It was 2007. Lost in Regional Semi’s to Waller.
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