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  1. Bring back Rhoades, get Gilly as your OC and Johnson as your DC
  2. I believe he was referring to the new realignment.....Tough draw for Buffalo
  3. They had it scheduled for week 5 but Whitney ended up in a 7 team district.
  4. Mart and Whitney will also play week 4
  5. I hope its a good one....Zebra front 7 is very good....Whitney Qb will have to play a very good and smart game but he is far from the only play maker on the team. Wildcats will need to get #11 at least 20 touches. Get #2 involved and grind with #7. It's an all hands on deck kind of game!!! Zebras are a great team but I don't think they are unbeatable.
  6. Whitney Athletic booster concession has the best burgers around.
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